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Ready to Dive into the World of Lingerie? Let’s Make Shopping Sprees Less Awkward and More Awesome! Let’s discover the marketing strategy of clovia. We as a digital marketing agency for fashion brands in india are excited to unwrap their strategies, are you? Let’s discover their fashion marketing strategy!


Harnessing the Popularity of Bollywood to Address Women's Lingerie Requirements


Clovia recognized a demand in the Indian market for women’s intimate apparel that prioritizes digital channels. They also realized that the existing distribution approach obstructs the exchange of consumer insights, leading to a deficiency in innovative and inclusive marketing strategies.


Having established a strong presence on social media and successfully connecting with urban women, Clovia set its sights on engaging with women across all Indian households.


The brand believed that the most effective way to achieve this was by becoming a part of their audience’s daily lives, which could be achieved through either cricket or Bollywood – two integral aspects of Indian culture.


According to Gulati, even a decade ago, male celebrities were prominently featured in advertisements for men’s innerwear brands. However, for Clovia, securing the participation of leading female Bollywood celebrities required a significant effort.


For instance, brands like Lux Cozi, Amul Macho, Amul Comfy, Dixcy Scott, Rupa-Frontline, Macroman, and Dollar Bigboss have long appointed well-known male celebrities as their brand ambassadors. In contrast, the women’s innerwear industry lacked comparable representation.


Therefore, in order to dispel the discomfort, it became crucial for Clovia to secure a brand ambassador. Ultimately, in December 2022, the brand successfully enlisted Shraddha Kapoor as its ambassador, marking a significant achievement in their marketing journey.


The introduction of the campaign and the addition of Shraddha have also led to an increase in revenue for the brand since December 2022.


Partnering with Shraddha Kapoor, who boasts the highest number of followers among Bollywood actresses, has propelled discussions about lingerie into the mainstream media. This association has not only provided them with a strong television presence but has also granted us entry into households, giving them wider reach.



Digital Marketing The core of the brand's digital media marketing revolves around social media, content marketing, and performance-based strategies.In response to its youthful target demographic, who exhibit higher activity levels on social media platforms, Clovia directs its efforts toward this audience by crafting captivating content and initiating interactive conversations. The brand has also placed a significant emphasis on tailoring content to individual preferences.Clovia effectively employs memes, topical discussions, and relatable content related to ill-fitted bras as a means to establish a connection with its audience on Instagram.The brand has engaged in partnerships with influencers to create humorous reels that address challenges women encounter with lingerie and their interactions with conventional mother figures.On its YouTube channel, you'll find collaborations with digital creators providing insights and strategies for navigating various scenarios, offering fashion and well-being guidance.Since its inception on the platform in 2015, Clovia has amassed a subscriber base of 27.7k by sharing a variety of videos, including DIYs, tutorials, and guidance on what to do and what to avoid. The channel also showcases its most recent lingerie and nightwear look books.The brand places its primary focus on the digital realm in its media blend. Presently, 85% of Clovia's sales occur online, and within this context, contextual advertising plays a pivotal role.Whether it's television, Snapchat, or any audio podcast show, they ensure their presence on all pertinent platforms where their audience congregates. They make sure to be there with content that seamlessly fits and captivates.Clovia is firm in its belief that modern consumers can only be effectively engaged through top-notch contextual content.The brand has also recognized content marketing as a pivotal element in its strategy. Their blog, 'Clovia Magazine,' serves as a comprehensive resource, addressing common questions women often encounter while shopping for lingerie and innerwear.For instance, the blog delves into fashion and wellness inquiries, such as finding the perfect bra size or workout routines for expectant mothers.

In conclusion, Clovia has crafted a dynamic and comprehensive marketing strategy that centers around the ever-evolving landscape of digital engagement. Recognizing the significance of contextual content, the brand has strategically positioned itself across various online platforms to engage with its audience where they naturally congregate. By leveraging influencers, partnering with Bollywood celebrities, and collaborating with digital creators, Clovia successfully bridges the gap between intimate apparel and relatable conversations.Through a combination of engaging social media content, informative blog articles, and captivating video collaborations, Clovia has established itself as more than just a lingerie brand; it's a thought leader in self-expression and empowerment. The brand's commitment to answering women's queries through 'Clovia Magazine' showcases their dedication to customer education and satisfaction, further strengthening the relationship between the brand and its customers.Ultimately, Clovia's marketing strategy encapsulates a journey from alleviating awkwardness to embracing empowerment. By merging their products seamlessly into discussions on fashion, comfort, and self-confidence, Clovia has not only transformed the way women shop for lingerie but has also woven itself into the fabric of their lives, one engaging conversation at a time.

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