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Picture this: it's 2004, and the sweet scent of freshly baked pastries wafts through the air at the iconic Cusrow Baug on Colaba Causeway in Mumbai. That's when Theobroma, the ultimate haven for dessert enthusiasts, opened its doors for the first time. Little did they know that they were setting the stage for a nationwide celebration of all things sweet and indulgent! Let’s discover their marketing strategies.

Theo’s Organic Growth

Theo has thrived on the organic buzz generated through word-of-mouth publicity. Kamal reveals, It all began as a passion project, without the primary goal of maximizing profits. Even as Theobroma evolved into an organization, financial success posed its own set of challenges, occasionally resulting in profit margins as minimal as 10%. 


The core philosophy of Theobroma revolves around inclusivity rather than catering exclusively to the elite. The brand is committed to accessibility for the middle class, a principle echoed in our pricing strategy that ensures their delightful products remain affordable for a diverse audienceWith an impressive footprint of 12 branches in Mumbai, Theo is not resting on its laurels. 


The brand has its sights set on expanding to Delhi, driven by the overwhelming demand for their offerings from the capital city. This expansion is a testament to Theo’s commitment to reaching a wider audience while maintaining its ethos of quality and affordability. In essence, Theo’s marketing strategy is not just about selling a product; it’s about cultivating a community of satisfied customers who spread the sweet word about the brand’s delectable offerings.

Theobroma's Digital Triumph

Positioned at the forefront of India's patisseries and café chains, Theobroma is strategically navigating the digital landscape to ensure a triumphant presence in the ever-evolving digital realm. Recognizing the transformative impact of the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns on businesses, Nihal Harchandrai, the VP of Finance, Strategy, & Marketing, emphasizes the brand's commitment to adaptation and exploration of novel avenues for staying relevant.

The digital food retail and delivery market in India presents expansive opportunities, with an anticipated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of nearly 29% over the next five years, reaching a substantial US$ 21 billion. Theobroma is strategically aligning itself to harness this potential by fine-tuning its digital capabilities and positioning itself as a frontrunner in the burgeoning digital market.

From its modest beginnings with a single outlet in Mumbai, Theobroma has blossomed into a revered patisserie and café chain, fostering a dedicated and loyal customer base. 

The brand's successful transition from a predominantly retail focus to a digital-first approach is a testament to its adaptability in response to the pandemic and evolving consumer behaviors. 

The surge in home delivery orders, facilitated through seamless smartphone transactions, underscores the brand's resonance in the digital space.

In a strategic move to fortify its digital presence, Theobroma has partnered with Puretech Digital, a distinguished full-service agency based in Mumbai. This collaboration is designed to establish direct connections with consumers, amplifying Theobroma's digital footprint and ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for patrons in the digital realm. 

The brand's ongoing evolution reflects its unwavering commitment to embracing digital avenues, a testament to its dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of an ever-growing digital-savvy audience.

 Theobroma's digital strategy isn't just about surviving in the digital age; it's about crafting a delectable and immersive experience that resonates with the discerning tastes of its diverse digital audience.


In conclusion, Theo's organic growth journey is a unique blend of passion, commitment to inclusivity, and a strategic foray into the digital landscape. The brand's success story began as a passion project, evolving into an organization with a commitment to accessibility and affordability, challenging profit margins for the sake of inclusivity.

The expansion from 12 branches in Mumbai to Delhi showcases Theo's ambition to reach a wider audience while maintaining its core values. The marketing strategy isn't solely focused on selling products; it revolves around building a community of satisfied customers who become brand ambassadors through word-of-mouth.

Recognizing the digital shift accelerated by the pandemic, Theo has strategically embraced the digital realm. With an eye on the anticipated growth in India's digital food retail and delivery market, the brand is fine-tuning its digital capabilities to position itself as a frontrunner. The successful transition from a retail focus to a digital-first approach underscores Theo's adaptability and understanding of evolving consumer behaviors.

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