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Marketing Strategy: Nykaa
(Detailed Case Study)

Welcome to a dazzling world where every woman shines like a true star – Nykaa, the epitome of beauty, confidence, and style. Derived from the enchanting Sanskrit word ‘Nayaka,’ signifying the spotlight and actresses, Nykaa is here to celebrate YOU as the leading lady of your own life’s story. Are you curious to know the secret behind Nykaa’s soaring success? Let’s discover their ingenious marketing strategies that have taken the beauty world by storm! We being a skincare marketing agency for so long 
and having closely observed Nykaa’s journey, we can reveal some of the brilliant marketing strategies that have propelled them to the top of the beauty industry. Come let’s talk about it!

Nykaa YouTube Videos For Marketing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Nykaa’s organic traffic is 6Million and ranking on 244.3k keywords in India.

And the organic traffic is started increasing from last two years.


Nykaa keywords ranking on Google


Nykaa ranking on top 3 position on Google for its main products keywords like hair color, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, hair serum, highlighter, lip balm, hand wash etc….with many SERP features


nykaa keywords ranking on Google


Nykaa competitors like Myntra and stylecraze are ranking on more keywords than Nykaa.

So their organic traffic is more than the Nykaa.


Nykaa competitors

Content Marketing

Nykaa organized  the website in a very simplistic way

Want Makeup?

Toggle off to the Makeup section.

Any skin related product?

Any hair related product?

ohh need any appliance?

Looking for some natural ways to your beauty?

ohh you are a mom and need product for your baby?

Even Men have a separate section. Looks good. Isn’t it?

After the categories, you find the brand section. 

What if Nykaa’s user loves to purchase the products according to brands.

Nykaa has their own products and categories in NYKAA FASHION.



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Marketing Strategy: Nykaa (Detailed Case Study)

Let’s now break down some of the marketing strategy of Naykaa  which we feel has definitely made the brand more marketable.

Nykaa has been serving wonderfully across the country since 2012.

It has an amazing set of product lines with genuine beauty goods. The brand owns over 3 lakh product variations spread across 1500 brands!

This is breathtaking right?

So how does Nykaa have got to do it all? It’s surely not an overnight journey and it takes a lot of work, dedication and foolproof strategies to make sure everything works in the long run.

Let’s now break down some of the marketing strategy of Nykaa which we feel has definitely made the brand more marketable.

Nykaa Content Marketing Strategy-Nykaa Organized the brands in the website

Nykaa Content Marketing Strategy is insane.. 

….and one of the most important part of marketing funnel.

You will find each guide on each relevant topic…from hair dryer to lipstick shade…


Nykaa Sale On Big Fashion Brands


From vitamin C(for glowing skin) to ageless beauty….


Nykaa marketing strategy


Nykaa place their content piece in between the products.

You can see that in between the hair sprays… how well Nykaa help users to get hair sprays for Luscious locks.


Nykaa Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media

In this world of changing evolutions, it’s necessary to keep up with the competitors and social media a great platform to run ads and campaigns for the page.

Existing on social media platforms makes the brands and services more feasible and far reaching. Twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube are renowned places to create audience awareness and make them more comfortable with the services provided by the brands.

With more number of viewers and interactions, online engagement improves which makes the brand more likeable as well as the contents are circulated likewise.

Other Marketing Strategy Of Nykaa

#1 Deals On The Way


When your shopaholic friend can’t stop bragging about the amazing deals and offers revealed on the Nykaa site!

Looking good all the time is definitely a time consuming process and certainly not great for your pockets! But that doesn’t stop us from ordering everything WE DON’T NEED!

It’s just how we are right? We’ve all got expired lipsticks and liners which are as dry as summer.

Nykaa will cover you all the time. With loads of generous offers and coupons you will fall head over heels.

Providing enormous discounts have always been an extra mile that the online brands are willing to travel.


#2 Contest Alerts!


Nykaa also makes sure that you aren’t getting all bored and carried away with everyday boring work!

You can actually participate in their own featured contents, earn points and win great prizes.

There are many contests hosted by Nykaa brand to keep the activity alive and retain their customers. To make their experience more shareable and interesting.

It is surely a smartest way to make more connections and let people come over with joy and excitement. This will enhance their ideas and show off how creative people can be, it gives women the platform to showcase their talents with respect to beauty and self-confidence.

So why not do it?


#3 Girls Like To Swing!


No! We are not wearing that little-black-dress infront of our dads!

That’s so not cool. Well well well, no worries. Nykaa will get you dressed like a lost princess.

With a wide range of cool dresses, party outfits and your go-to ethnic vibe, you’ll be provided with lots and lots of options to choose from.

The bling, shimmer, sparkles! Just can’t get over it right?

Your wardrobe is going to look fab with some great styles which are definitely unique and made for you.

Starting with your lounge wear, work wear, professional styling, mid-night party outfits and for the Sanskari Nari in you. Nykaa has more to offer than beauty and wellness.

With all the wide reaching impacts, it has got the potential to make some awesome designs for you!


#4 Innovation

In order to keep yourself in the race, you have to innovate, bring more light and energy.

People get easily bored with routine styles and colours. It’s very important that you are always ready to bring in changes according to the tastes of consumers.

Especially in the beauty industry, trends and fashion change very rapidly and you must be well prepared to create new styles.

Nykaa constantly engages into more varieties of products. When it comes to lip decors, it has a huge collection of different colours so that the customers get different styles and more number of options.

It is quite difficult to keep changing the environment which changes so fast, but Nykaa does a great job by creating more shades, apparels, accessories.


#5 Nykaa Originals


With all that it has to offer relating to other established brands, Nykaa has its own beauty line as well.

It definitely has made a great impact on the overall sales of the entire services. The beauty line has a massive range of products which come off a great quality for buyers. 

They have created some great products with quite quirky names to make them more fancy. The quality and texture of the products also plays an important role in the main marketing.

Nykaa has boosted its game by introducing its own fashion line. People were instantly driven by this idea as it had already got itself a firm ground.

Being the best online retailer in the beauty brand selling genuine products. It has certainly kept everything in mind.


#6 Celebrity Crush


It’s very natural for us to buy the products which are specially endorsed by celebrities. We tend to go for such products as they enhance their beauty and usage.

Celebrities do have a card to play when it comes to attracting customers and marketing.

It has much affect over the buyers as it seems much branded and a fanciable item to purchase and flaunt.

If the same products are advertised by any other common person, the sales would have definitely dropped or considerably would have been less than what it is now.

With all the fame that comes along with celebrities it becomes easier for the brands to convince the people about how best quality is. Agree?


#7 Commercials


Advertising surely plays a major role in expansion of marketing results. This work comes really heavy as there are many modes to advertise your products. It is important for people to know your existence in order for them to come to you.

With a powerful commercial strategy it becomes easier for brands to reach out to customers and create active chains in the society. People always expect to be informed about new arrivals and any updates, so it’s very important to maximise the information.


#8 Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards


With its widespread community of great artists and professionals, it also has its wings with ramps and glamour.

Nykaa is also in partnership with Femina India which is a beauty runner for fashion shows. It does give the brand a lot of potential when it comes to sponsorship and huge advertisement.

With a professional tie-up as this one, Nykaa is benefitted from a lot more just ramp walks. This event is hosted every year to cherish the love for beauty and body confidence of various trends and body types.

It motivates many women to do more and feel more comfortable in their own skin. What better can they do for a woman?

This event is really intriguing with lots of charm and beauties to catch an eye for!

Final Thoughts On Marketing Strategy Of Nykaa

So  these are some amazing marketing strategy by Nykaa to compete in the market.

We as a beauty digital marketing agency feel that Nykaa’s campaigns are quite captivating and engaging, what do you feel?

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