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Welcome to our blog post, where we dive into the captivating world of marketing brilliance exhibited by Oberoi Realty, one of India’s most distinguished companies. We as a real estate marketing agency are curious to know how Oberoi Realty has managed to achieve such astounding success in the fiercely competitive real estate market.

Dividing, Targeting, and Establishing a Position

Segmentation: The focus is on individuals seeking upscale and premium real estate options within the city.

Targeting: The aim is to cater to three distinct income groups: higher-income, middle-income, and corporate offices.

Positioning: The emphasis is on modern architecture, meticulously executed projects, and top-notch construction standards.

Marketing Campaigns

Oberoi Mall has been committed to energy conservation as an integral part of their daily operations for an extended period.

They have successfully incorporated renewable energy sources, with 40% of their energy being generated from renewable power plants. Inspired by the National Energy Conservation Day, Oberoi Mall has implemented further energy-efficient solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

This ongoing campaign continues to make a significant contribution to the environment.

The campaign, which ran from 9th August to 25th August on Instagram, aimed to encourage people to cherish their own space for relaxation, reading, or fun. To participate in the contest, participants were required to follow these steps:

  1. Follow us on Instagram.
  2. Create a post.
  3. Upload pictures of your favorite space from your public profile on Instagram.
  4. In the caption, describe how your favorite space adds beauty to your life in just 10 words.
  5. Tag @oberoirealty and use #MyFavouriteSpace.
    Participants stood a chance to be featured on our Instagram page. The campaign turned out to be highly successful, and many people were featured on the Oberoi Realty page.




Oberoi Mall launched an exciting campaign during the festive season, offering customers a chance to win a Jeep Compass or Tanishq cards worth Rs 2 lakhs by shopping Rs 10,000 or more. The campaign ran exclusively from 17th October to 30th November, and it garnered tremendous success, attracting a large number of visitors to #Oberoimall. This Diwali, shoppers indulged in luxurious new beginnings as they participated in the campaign.

Social Media Presence

Oberoi Realty maintains a presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Among these, Instagram boasts the largest following, with over 15,000 followers, followed by Twitter with over 2,400 followers, and Facebook with over 33,000 followers. Their social media content mainly revolves around promotional and informative articles, occasionally featuring posts about their new product launches.

Influencer Marketing

The brand enjoys a substantial and devoted consumer base, offering an excellent opportunity to boost brand promotion and drive sales. Additionally, Oberoi Realty benefits from a wide array of influencers within its network, which can be harnessed to promote the brand and foster brand loyalty. Leveraging these influencers, Oberoi Realty effectively promotes its brand across various social platforms.

SEO Strategies

Based on SEO rankings, the number of keywords can be classified as terrible if it’s below 500, good if it’s above 1000, and spectacular if it’s beyond 10,000. Impressively, boasts 3,167 organic keywords, falling into the excellent category.

This indicates that the digital marketing efforts of ‘Oberoi Realty’ are attracting a significant number of visitors. Moreover, the website enjoys a monthly traffic of 53k+ visitors, which is considered remarkable and among the best in terms of website traffic.

E-commerce Strategies

Oberoi Realty, being a real estate development company primarily focused on onsite projects, does not heavily rely on an eCommerce strategy.

They find it challenging to replicate the same level of customer service online as they do in physical settings. Consequently, e-commerce does not occupy a significant space in Oberoi Realty’s marketing strategy. While they do not have an eCommerce portal, their website and various offices provide ample information for potential clients to reach out for any business-related inquiries.

Mobile Apps

The company offers the Oberoi Realty Quality Control mobile app, which aims to revolutionize quality control on construction projects.

This app allows seamless integration of quality control with execution through real-time and transparent information flow. It enables the recording and digital storage of all on-site information and data.

The app also employs powerful analytics for evidence-based decision making. With over 150 checklists covering all aspects of quality, it ensures thorough checks. Furthermore, the app operates in a 100% paperless system, eliminating the need for filing or compiling Excel sheets.

Content Marketing Strategies

Oberoi Realty, a highly esteemed real estate company in India, boasts a well-crafted content marketing strategy that effectively connects with a wide range of clients. The team of professionals at Oberoi Realty focuses on creating engaging content, fostering a strong bond with the audience. The strategies employed by the company encompass:

Blogging: Regularly publishing blogs contributes to enhancing the brand’s reputation. These blogs play a crucial role in raising awareness about the brand and its products.


Wrapping Up

Oberoi Realty has successfully executed several impactful digital brand campaigns, such as #MyfavouriteSpace and #CelebrateNewBegginnings video ads, they highlight the importance of homes in creating cherished family moments.

Their active engagement on social media, influencer collaborations, and extensive website content demonstrate a strong marketing strategy.

With a vast number of organic keywords and a considerable following on various platforms, Oberoi Realty effectively connects with its audience and showcases their properties with virtual walkthroughs.

We as a real estate marketing agency are quite mesmerized of their whole marketing journey, what do you think?

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