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How To Use Social Media Effectively To Generate Leads For Real Estate Business

How Does SEO Strategy Work?

Purchasing a property is increasingly becoming an online activity. If you work in real estate, you probably know this.

According to a recent report, social media marketing for real estate has become an essential component in attracting real estate customers and closing sales. Competitors are closing the gap and using Social Media to attract more and more people towards them.

Social media marketing for real estate has surpassed other digital marketing tactics like email marketing, blog entries, and website visits as one of the most successful and fastest ways to generate high-quality real estate leads.

Social media marketing for real estate is currently used by more than 77% of agents for marketing and lead generating. When it comes to increasing the visibility of your real estate firm online, it’s all about extracting as much value as you can from the digital touchpoints shared by you, your clients, and potential consumers. Top real estate companies in Delhi follow these SEO strategies and lead the way!

Why should you make use of social media in real estate?

Purchasing a house can be one of the most significant and stressful events in a person’s life. It’s hard for purchasers to figure out what’s a decent bargain, let alone the stress over a substantial amount of cash and signing a formal contract.

Because home purchases are emotionally charged, purchasers want someone they can rely on to help them through the arduous process. And, because a lot of real estate research and purchasing takes place online these days, your social media marketing for real estate should be:

  • Trustworthy
  • Spam-Free
  • Legitimate

The authentic, personable, and no-nonsense online brand of your organization can be critical to your success on social media platforms. These characteristics represent how you interact with your clients.

In addition to a welcoming tone, your brand’s social media account can share case studies and testimonials to acquire the audience’s confidence. 

How to Make Use of Social Media in Real Estate?

Your social media marketing for real estate must be more than simply words and positivity.  In order to connect with buyers and sellers, your presence on social networks must also be effective. If you only talk about your own brand and don’t address questions, you’ll irritate customers and destroy their hard-earned trust.



You can do this via Insta, Facebook, and TikTok, and one advantage of going live is that your videos can be stored and subsequently shared on your profile, serving as additional material.




Your real estate social media strategy should create a connection that leads to a professional partnership, all social media channels are excellent places to answer audience inquiries. 

Another advantage of answering questions openly is that your comments are visible to everyone. This can help qualified buyers contact you with inquiries further down the funnel.





All platforms are ideal for sharing client testimonials, allowing you to employ user-generated content to create legitimacy and trust with your target audience. A good real estate social media strategy does this.




Property images are essential for realtors to use on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook. With a virtual or in-person tour, you can give customers a  glimpse of how the property is and urge them to contact you to learn more.


Most social networks are ideal for video since they provide your audience with an engaging opportunity to learn about various features. If they are still interested after seeing the video, they may ask for additional information by clicking on a Call-to-action button on your profile.

Consider your social media following on any platform to be your community. You must effectively use your real estate social media strategy to keep this community in order and maintain the members’ individual confidence. Respond to real inquiries and concerns regarding buying a house with helpful and truthful replies.

Don’t be afraid to inject some individuality while remaining professional. Making a powerful first impression is a vital initial step in the purchasing process. Clients are more likely to recall that initial coversation and return.

Keep in mind that you are selling more than simply a house

People in real estate have more than simply their ideal property in mind. Place matters, whether it’s a senior couple wanting to sell and move to the country, new parents searching for the finest public school district, or millennials looking for the location that best matches their social life and budget.

Social media provides an excellent platform for engaging, promoting and drawing attention to what is unique and appealing about a particular location. This contributes to the development of a feeling of community and promotes your company as a leader in the area.

Understand the demographics you want to attract with your present property portfolio and create material targeted toward these groups. Content planning tools, such as a Content Scheduler, make the actual publishing process a snap. To summarise, your real estate social media strategy should:

  • Assist in answering people’s questions
  • Make people want to buy a house.Assist in answering people’s questions
  • Make people want to buy a house.
  • Display your community involvement.
  • Include contact details for your company in the bio.

To summarise

Your real estate social media strategy should demonstrate your commitment to your community by sharing case studies and actively participating in what’s going on in the region and be prepared to create an incredible impression on your potential clients.

Do you think all of this is too much work? We agree.

At HavStrategy, we solely concentrate on achieving the success of YOUR brand. We provide a variety of real estate marketing techniques, such as:

  • Email Marketing for real estate
  • SEO for real estate
  • Social Media Administration for real estate
  • Growth hacking for real estate
  • Digital Marketing for real estate
  • SEM for real estate

What are you still waiting for? Let’s Get marketing, then!

We as a real estate marketing agency feel these strategies are the best to be followed.

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