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The Best Hospitality Marketing Strategies in 2022

The overwhelming level of competition in the hospitality marketing sector is a difficulty. With the rise in popularity of services like Airbnb and OYO, it’s become even more difficult to separate from the crowd and earn more bookings. While hoteliers are all too acquainted with these difficulties, they are nonetheless expected to meet (and perhaps surpass) their goals, which are frequently linked to bookings. You need to come up with a solid digital marketing plan for your hotel to stand out! A lot of other hoteliers are already doing these things, so its better to start now!


So, what can a desperate hotel marketer do? How can you ensure that guests find your property at the first place, and then become so enthralled that they can’t wait to reserve their stay? 

Marketing Strategies For The Hotel Industry:

Show Up Online


Let’s face it: technology has triumphed. The days of travel agencies are long gone. Today’s vacationers may conduct their own comparison without leaving their beds. So, if your property is difficult to discover online, it’s no surprise that bookings are few. You must be Highly relevant online for possible bookings so that customers can discover you when they need to rent a room.

Most guests (75 percent!) begin their search for lodging using a search engine, so keep your SEO up to date. Use top hotel buzzwords in your site material, and ensure that your site loads quickly. A good digital marketing plan for your hotel  must definitely include SEO and SEM.


Use Re-marketing To Your Benefit


Did you realize that 75% of internet hotel reservations are abandoned? That’s correct, three out of every four people begin the booking process, become sidetracked, and quit their experience. Nobody knows if it was the food delivery man or a nagging feeling that they might get a better price somewhere else. Whatever the cause, you should not give up your job as a hotel marketer.

Remarketing is one of the important marketing strategies for the hotel industry since travelers are distracted not just by ordinary distractions (such as pop-up phone alerts and wailing kids), but also by the truth that there are plenty of alternative options available to them.


Find and Target Specific Audience


What kind of hotel are you promoting, and who is your average customer? Property marketers in different locations must use a distinct technique. These individuals schedule differently, travel differently, and have varying budgets. That is why techniques like income targeting will be useful. While this may seem apparent, there are other techniques to segment your customers while marketing your hotel.

The digital marketing plan for your hotel must keep your target audience in mind.

Many hotels have a diverse range of guests with varying income levels since they provide both more opulent rooms (such as presidential suites) and more affordable accommodations. These two audiences must be separated and targeted individually. Even within the same hotel chain, there is a distinction.


Spend More On Marketing During The Booking Season


Peak booking seasons will be highly varied for each hotel. As a hotel marketer, you’re probably well aware of your peak booking season, but you could be a step back when it regards to ad budgets. It only makes sense to invest a larger portion of your yearly budget during your busiest season.

Determine when operations are busy, stable, and sluggish, and then make adjustments to your  marketing strategies for your hotel appropriately. Check that your windows are not too small. This frequently necessitates forward preparation, but Google and other ad networks make it quite simple to alter your budget continuously. But make sure you do it!


Run Ad Campaigns And Offers!


Your hotel must have a compelling reason for prospects to select it above the competition.

If there are no apparent reasons, such as having the lowest pricing or the top ratings, come up with some unique perks and offers that you may present to prospects. For example, you may give a 15% discount to all first-time guests. Incentives are also wonderful for instilling a feeling of urgency in your customers, encouraging them to book you before they lose out on a unique limited-time deal.

Hospitality professionals might find it difficult, however, to fully devote their time to devise a marketing strategy in the hotel industry, do customer research, and targeting, as well as run Social Media and SEO. But don’t worry, we’ve got you.

HavStrategy is a leding provider of Digital Marketing Services for the Hospitality Sector, currently running over 10 different campaigns for Hotels and Clubs of various sizes. Our vast and varied experience in this fields helps us to understand what type of a Marketing Strategy does a hotel need, and the wants and choices of the customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get Marketing!


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