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The e-commerce market is fiercely competitive with sales crossing 500 billion dollars in 2021. To effectively grow your eCommerce business in this competition, increasing engagement and your online orders, you will need Ecommerce Marketing services. These services are composed of search engine optimization (SEO), in-depth user research, customer research, content and email marketing, paid ads, social media campaigns, analytics, optimization of conversion rate, and testing at each stage to grow your ecommerce marketing Services effectively.

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What Will Be The Role Of HavStrategy

Today, many eCommerce businesses are unaware of the important roles of a digital marketing agency in the eCommerce market. As a digital marketing agency for eCommerce, HavStratetgy will promote awareness of your product and help in distinguishing your brand from your competitors. 

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Our Services

Why HavStrategy For Your Ecommerce Business?


Every resource you’ll spend with us, be it time or money will be fully accountable and open for review at any time.

In-depth Expertise

Everyone in our team is a professional expert with in-depth expertise in the domain we call marketing.

Out Of Box Creativity

We deliver incredible creativity that captures the attention and heart of the customers.

Proven Track Record

We have successfully managed over 14 brands, our track record backs us when we say we are one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR.

Sheer Focus

Remarkable work is created only when we focus on every small detail from pixel data to commenting on social media posts.

Customized Approach

Our marketing approach is highly curated by the challenge and goal of the brand and businesses


It is important to reach the right clients at the right time and right place and that is exactly what we do with our marketing services which are-

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Getting further traffic is constantly a priority of every ecommerce business and SEO does the same. It increases organic( free, natural)traffic and business from search engines similar to google, bing, and Yahoo. HavStrategy has SEO experts to boost the organic traffic of your eCommerce business.

Pay-per- Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC for eCommerce, also known as eCommerce PPC, is an online advertising approach that uses PPC advertising to promote an online store and its particulars. These may appear as ads on web pages, social media networks. Because it targets ready-to-buy clients, PPC for eCommerce works effectively for driving deals and is very cost-effective, you only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad. HavStrategy has a team of experts who carefully form and execute PPC campaigns.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

 Social media marketing is one of the most significant avenues for business growth and a pivotal part of eCommerce marketing.

According to a recent study, 75 out of 100 consumers admit to buying anything after seeing it on social media, and 90 out of 100 say they use social media to help them to make a purchasing choice. A reasonable budget is needed to convert your social media sweats into a functional system that generates the transformations and deals you ask for. We at HavStrategy will create a firm digital presence for your eCommerce business on social media platforms.

Email Marketing

It is an important marketing strategy that uses cold emails to educate the customers and people who may become your customers, on new deals, products, discounts, and everything else going on in your eCommerce business. We at HavSrategy have a team of experts in email marketing who will make sure you are always on the back of the mind of your customers via emails, always engaging them.


We create a new and enhanced image of your eCommerce business via the power of designing using utmost creativity. The creative services we provide are-

Logo Design

The logo of your eCommerce business defines who you are and we are here to make sure it becomes a synonym of trust. We at Havstrategy will redesign and optimize your logo or make a new logo for your eCommerce business.

Ecommerce Website Development & Designing

We, as a Digital marketing agency have a large industrial portfolio in eCommerce branding and marketing. We have developed and designed websites for various eCommerce businesses. While designing and developing, we also optimize the websites to receive more traffic and encourage prospective customers to make their product purchasing decisions.

Ecommerce Brand

Your eCommerce brand is the sole reason for how people will perceive and talk about your business. Studies suggest people only buy with e-commerce businesses they have trust and confidence in. We are here to build brand identity to make sure your brand  becomes a synonym of your core values.

Strategy & Consulting

we filter and segment your ongoing campaigns AND create a unique Digital Marketing Strategy THAT HELP YOU accomplish your marketing objectives

Digital Marketing Strategy

HavStrategy has a team specialized in forming digital marketing strategies to make sure your ecommerce business grows exponentially over time in the right direction.


ECommerce Strategy

Where to sell your product, whom to sell, what product to sell, all of this plays an important role in increasing or decreasing the sales of your eCommerce business. To optimize and increase your sales, we make custom eCommerce strategies fit your business.


Research about your competition, the market, customers, and potential customers is very important to formulate future strategies. Good thing you are with HavStrategy as researching in-depth about all of them is one of our priorities.

Monitoring Campaigns

Running campaigns is not enough, you have to know what is working and what is not in your campaigns and have to keep making changes accordingly in future campaigns. Sounds hectic right? Do not worry, HavStartegy is here to take off that burden from you and do it in the right way.

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