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Digital Marketing Strategy
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As the aroma of delectable cuisines fills the air and the tantalizing flavors dance on our taste buds, we can’t help but be drawn to the world of food and culinary delights. In this era of digitalization, one name that has carved a remarkable niche for itself in the food industry is none other than Zomato.

As a food and beverage marketing agency, we have always been passionate about the culinary world, and naturally, our excitement peaked when we heard that Zomato’s marketing strategies are up for discussion.





Zomato know very well about the things that are more relatable to us….And that’s how Zomato targets us….

So let’s started amazing digital marketing strategy of Zomato

Digital Marketing Strategy Of Zomato

The digital marketing funnel of Zomato is very strong.

Once you visit Zomato’s website, then ready for taking advertisements on different platforms. 

So let’s started the SEO first…

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Zomato ranks on top position in main keywords like “order online food”, “order pizza online” etc..

See some data of Zomato. You will get to know how powerful their SEO Strategy is….

Zomato generates 20.5 M organic traffic per month only from India. 

So you can imagine how much Zomato is investing in Search Engine Optimization.


Zomato organic traffic


Zomato starts to ranking in top 3 position of SERP(Search Engine Results Page) from December 2019.


Zomato keywords ranking are increasing


Zomato is ranking on number 1 position on the main keyword “restaurants near me”, “food near me”, “bars near me”, “cafe near me”, “vegetarian restaurants”.

Zomato ranking on other main keywords like “wine shop near me”, “coffee near me”, “cheap restaurants” on top 3 positions.


Zomato keywords ranking on Google first page


Zomato ranks on more keywords as compare to other competitors like swiggy, dineout etc.

So Zomato also competes in organic search traffic.


Zomato competes in terms of seo

Social Media Content

The expansion rate of Zomato through social media is extremely commendable. They put on really interesting templates, notes, tweets, graphics and comics. Some of them are shown at the end of this point.

With their diverse reach to the consumers, they have more power over the people to manage and retain the interests.

The way Zomato show themselves on social media is everything. Presentation matters. How you design is massively important.

The colors, banners, logo, combinations, symbols, lines and charts, everything adds up to the view.

Zomato has its official accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You all are free to share and message them, which makes people easy to connect and feel more personal. Social media is now sky rocketing with its benefits and far reaching impact.

The content Zomato creates on social media is very engaging. Zomato always follow the trends and sometimes, it creates their own trend. 

Zomato works hard on customer persona, knows very well about their customers.

Zomato always brings the content which is more relatable, sharable and memeable 🙂

You can’t be able to control yourself to share the content. 

Here are some glimpse-



Social Media Marketing

Zomato targets the young people who use smartphone and buy things online. 

So marketing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is a common thing for Zomato…

because adult spend the most of time on social media.

Here are some images of  Zomato advertisement on Facebook/Instagram

Zomato instagram marketing
Zomato facebook Advertising


Advertising ….. here comes the most important part of selling any items. Whether online or offline, marketing and advertising play the most important role.

You might be selling really good products, you might be having great quality but what if no one knows about it at all? Well, that sounds scary.

People need to know your existence. If they participate or not, that is secondary.

Zomato is never at the last in this race. Zomato pays heavily for sponsorship and digital marketing so that people are aware of its whereabouts each and everyday.

The application which they have created for handy uses, it gives out every information needed so that people are very well acknowledged with their system.

Any media, platform, services, good distribution is incomplete without proper advertising.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second most popular search engine. 

And leaving YouTube for the competitors, its not a Zomato’s choice 🙂

Here are some examples of video marketing done strategically by Zomato…

First check video and then observe….


The above video very strategically shows that how Zomato helps in bettering their working weekend, birthdays, rainy season, house party, movies and at last, laziness…

This video is trying to cover all the aspects of life… birthdays, festivals, boringness, happiness, life part(bachelorhood), movies, rainy(seasons), laziness(the thing which we all do)

It ultimately shows that your life is getting better with Zomato. So always choose Zomato for every reason and season.

Check the next one..



This video shows that how we always control our willingness, especially for food.

Video choose bachelor party because Zomato is targeting to the age of 18 to 30. Those who have smartphones and buy their food online.

So that they can relate them.

This video is going to increase their sales. And I am 100% sure(without checking the data and facts)

You want to know the reason?

This video is directly/indirectly showing to not control our willing. So whenever we get confused about to order food or not. We always going to order(because this video will click in your mind to show the bottom line- mat kar iccha control)

Amazing na? Check next one…



This video shows the four messages(direct/indirect)-

  1. How we get bored by daily eating same food
  2. How you can also do the same thing by making excuse of Rohan’s mom.
  3. How Zomato is taking care of safety of food during this pandemic(direct message)
  4. How mom starts to love the Zomato food and encourages him to order two times in a week.

Check the next one… 

If you are a woman, you would love it 🙂



The message of this video is “Cooking is a woman’s choice, not her duty” on the Women’s day.

Society always criticize the women who don’t cook, but they never notice that what women are doing instead of cooking?

Women are taking care of other’s lives, they are shaping the next generation, they are breaking the world’s record.

Zomato shows in video that women who are fulfilling their dreams and don’t cook, Zomato is always available for them.

So this is how Zomato is targeting the professional women.

Zomato's Best Marketing Strategy




#1.Zomato Rider Relief Fund


Zomato aimed to raise 10 crores for their riders so that their riders can meet their basic need during the pandemic.

Zomato very well describes in the article that why they can’t be able to take care of their riders.

This initiative shows that how much Zomato cares about their riders.

And this thing makes them outstand.

Zomato not only care about their customers, also care about their employees. They know that pandemic is going to affect their business badly and they are not able to provide work to their riders.


#2. Feed The Daily Wagers


From 24th March 2020(when lockdown started in India) to 31st July 2020, Zomato distributed the 7.8 Cr+ meals, 7.4+ lakhs kits(10kg flour and 2kg pulses) in 181 cities.

Zomato even care about the daily wagers.


#3.  Period Leaves


During periods, women go through emotional and physical pain….

And they always have to make excuses like “feeling uneasy”, “feeling unwell” etc..

So instead of saying these excuses, they are able to say-“I need menstural leave”

This initiative also depicts that Zomato cares about their health.

Zomato Other Marketing Strategy



One of the major foundations relating to food business is understanding the consumer behavior and patterns.

Processed foods constitute a vital part of consumer’s interests.

Online food delivery applications target the mainstream consumers preferably attracting people who are more prone to the usage of their services.

Zomato even  creates content for the social media according to the consumer pattern. The content is so engaging that other brands also love to share and reframe the content for their own marketing purpose.




People are more likely to spend on the services provided when they are heaped with a good number of offers and discounts. 

Especially in the food industries people are most aware of what they eat and how much they pay for it accordingly. And Zomato knows that.

Food chains generally collaborate with other brands and promote their products through discounts.

This creates a certain mindset within communities of people and makes them spend more. There are various strategies applied when it comes to discounting products and distributing them.




A person who earns below the range per month cannot certainly afford to buy 450rs burger every weekend or buy tickets at PVR Gold for 1000rs.

Budget plays a very important role when it comes to marketing. You are less likely to find Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda or any other online food services in less developed cities and regions, the reason being the economic status of people living over there.

Limited amount of investments and employment rates, it becomes highly important for them to choose the right place and right people to offer.




Home delivery can be really relaxing, you are getting everything you want at your doorstep. But why do people prefer this?

You may be an employee, student, housewife or entrepreneur who wants to have a chilled out weekend, no mood to cook!

So, what are you going to do? Open Zomato. Right?

The main idea is derived to make people have comfortable meals wherever they are.

You no longer need to worry about what you should wear! how to find a taxi! Anything. Everything comes with just a tap. Understanding this phenomenon has what made this brand so dynamic and widespread.

We all might have thought about this years ago, but Zomato has actually picked up its pen.



Rita, a tamilian lady would not really like to have Chole Bhature on the table for breakfast whereas Raj, a Bengali guy would not want to see Dosa and Sambar.

And Zomato knows very well what their customers taste preference…..

This is the key to organise what is actually needed. Restaurants in the Southern region might actually be selling good North Indian dishes but Rita will definitely go to a nearest cafe where she gets idly.

Zomato offers accordingly so that people do not sacrifice their own taste in any way.

If you ever get a chance to explore the app you can see the difference between the prices of your nearest stalls and that of some other region.




Hurray! Midnight cravings?

Dont care. Zomato is here.

This chain offers 24 hours of services throughout the country. If you are lucky enough, Zomato provides you extra discounts during lunch hours to attract more consumers from work stations and youngsters.

Everything needs to be at a proper time and Zomato knows it all!.

You will be able to get a great number of offers and linked discounts to footwear, apparel and accessories during Diwali and other celebrated festivals.

Why do you think they do that? To earn money right? Ummm.. maybe.

But the most important thing is to expand and bring more new consumers. This will not only ensure that they get more consumers but also active application users. Intelligent right?




Everything looks great from far!

But as you get closer you start noticing the issues. Let’s not bother about that as well.

Customer support is a panel where you can share any discrepancies or troubles which have caused regarding payments or content problems.

Zomato offers good guiding consumer support so that you are taken through the problem. This part of any type of industry is very important. People appreciate when they are let to discuss the problems with lesser strains.

Zomato also loves to solve problems through reply on negative comments. 


Wrapping Up On Marketing Strategy Of Zomato

I covered all the digital marketing strategies of Zomato.

Now it’s your turn.

What do you think about Zomato marketing strategy?

Or you’ve got better strategies?

Let us know!

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