How To Market Beauty Products On Social Media

Social media is the platform where your clientele resides. That’s precisely why endorsing your beauty products or cosmetic brand through social media stands as the most suitable course of action. Within this blog, we will examine the utilization of giveaways and online campaigns to enhance the visibility of your brand and products. Join HavStrategy- skincare marketing agency in delving into the details!

Elevate the exposure of beauty products through giveaways on social media

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Create strong engagement and offer positive customer experiences. People participate by commenting on your giveaway posts, giving them a shot at winning the attractive incentives that caught their attention in your beauty promotion. 

To boost your social media followers, regularly host comment-based sweepstakes. This could turn participants into brand advocates who invite others to follow you too. The above example is of the giveaway we held for the brand that we are working with-Thebellusco, a premium skincare brand. 

Taking reference from this giveaway we were able to get a satisfactory amount of engagement and  drawing inspiration from this specific giveaway, we achieved a notable level of interaction and gained approximately 1064 new followers as a direct outcome of this giveaway campaign.

Publish instructional guides and informative videos on YouTube

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We as a cosmetic marketing agency realized that the beauty sector has an edge – people turn to YouTube for guides and advice on products they’re interested in. Mac Cosmetics sets an example by sharing tutorials. Use video descriptions to invite viewers to your social pages for giveaways or subscriptions. Pose questions for engagement and connection.

Tiktok- A great platform to promote

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TikTok offers a great platform for short tutorials, ideal for Gen-Z and young Millennials. Yet, it’s relatively new compared to Instagram or Facebook. Unfortunately, direct beauty comment giveaways aren’t feasible on TikTok due to compliance issues. However, alternative methods exist for contests. Explore interactive applications to professionally promote beauty products on social media.

Acquire leads for your beauty product brand

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Using social media giveaways is a great strategy for promoting beauty products and engaging your audience. However, a drawback of comment sweepstakes is the lack of participant information. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to send personalized messages and offers, or special birthday discounts? It’s time to transform your social media followers into valuable leads for your business.

Provide a direct online registration link on your social media. Offer product bundles to those who register, and target specific social media users for promotions.

Employ custom games to market beauty products on the internet

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Observe the customizable online prize wheel above. Simply offer prizes, samples, discounts, or credit, then share the link on social media. Users register to win, and you can also embed it on your website. This promotes your brand, gathers leads, entertains, and cultivates customer relationships effectively.

Memes Are Beneficial (When Utilized Skillfully)

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Is there anything more cringe than when a brand shares an overused or outdated meme? Yes, when the brand doesn’t even use the format correctly.Make sure the format is current. Meme formats can go stale overnight in some cases. By the time your social media team sees a trending format, has an idea, gets the go-ahead to create, and publishes, the meme could be old news.

Memes for social media for beauty and cosmetic brands in 2021 also must be 100% relevant. In other words, don’t shove yourself into memes just because they’re trending.

Urban Decay knows the Naked 3 is one of their best-selling neutral pallets so this meme was super fitting:

Showcase individualized products and tailored packages

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Personalization is key now. Beauty brands can provide fully personalized products, not just digital experiences. Many skincare companies, like Curology, enable customers to formulate their own products based on their skin’s specific needs.

Know Your Demographics

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Successful beauty and cosmetic brands on social media share a common trait: They comprehend their audience, including demographics, interests, and values.

Understanding your audience guides humor usage, social issue promotion, and tone selection. Benefit Cosmetics, for instance, employs a contemporary humorous tone and addresses current events and causes, as seen in their recent amusing NASA tampon video.

Wrapping Up

The reality is this: individuals engaging with beauty products and cosmetics are tired of being pigeonholed and categorized. They crave relatable social media content that offers genuine value, created by those who truly understand them, not detached executives.To ensure your content remains pertinent and beneficial, it’s crucial for your social team to mirror the demographic you aim to reach. By doing so, you build a bridge of relevance and connection.

We as a beauty social media marketing agency feel their marketing strategies have an effective approach and hence a good outcome!

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