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Hello beauty lovers, makeup experts, and skincare fans! Get ready for an exciting trip into the universe of Faces Canada. With over 40 years of Canadian history, it’s more than a brand; it’s your ticket to express yourself, boost your confidence, and enjoy fantastic beauty experiences.We as a cosmetic marketing agency are curious to know their marketing strategy, are you?

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Faces Canada's Campaign: Celebrating Diversity in Indian Wedding Beauty

The fresh Faces Canada campaign is strategically aimed at Indian women, cleverly tapping into the ongoing wedding season with the hashtag #WeddingReadyFaces. This campaign focuses on embracing diversity and inclusivity to showcase their products, all tailored to create stunning wedding looks. The approach is centered around influencer marketing, with beauty bloggers adorning wedding styles representing different Indian states, each with its unique charm.

Nine captivating looks, endorsed both by the brand and the influencers, take the spotlight. To make their message resound, these bloggers shared captivating pictures and step-by-step video tutorials on Instagram.From the regal elegance of Lucknow to the sweet allure of Bengal and the majestic grace of Rajasthan, every look finds its place in this campaign, reaching diverse groups of Indian women across the nation.Faces Canada collaborated with a roster of talented beauty bloggers including Sushmita, Ritika Amru, Dhwani Bhatt, Shiv Shakti, Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan, Mridul Sharma, Oswal Nidhi, Nitibha Kaul, and Megha Bahugana. These influencers utilized the brand’s products to craft exquisite looks such as the Lavish Lucknowi Face, Marvelous Maharashtrian Face, Regal Rajasthani Face, Elegant Tamilian Face, Gorgeous Goan Face, Glamorous Gujarati Face, Enchanting Manipuri Face, Pretty Punjaban Face, and Mishti Bengali Face.

Choosing influencers with roots in specific regions of the country added an authentic touch to the campaign’s messaging.Moreover, #WeddingReadyFaces underscores that Faces Canada offers makeup suitable for all skin tones. It also ensures that the campaign effectively reaches niche audiences, primarily through micro-targeting. We as a beauty social media marketing agency love their campaign strategy, do you?

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Social Presence

Faces Canada’s Instagram page is a vibrant and visually captivating platform that offers a diverse range of content aimed at makeup enthusiasts and beauty aficionados. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to find on their Instagram:

Colorful Feed: The feed is a burst of colors, reflecting the lively world of makeup. It’s a treat for the eyes, with visually appealing content that includes makeup looks, swatches, and product showcases.

Makeup Tutorials and Guides: Followers can find a plethora of makeup tutorials, step-by-step guides, and tips on achieving the perfect eye looks. These tutorials cater to makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Nail Art: Nail art is a prominent feature, showcasing intricate and creative nail designs that inspire followers to experiment with their nail looks.

Work and Party Looks: The page offers inspiration for various occasions, including work-appropriate makeup and glamorous party looks.

Dos and Don’ts: Followers are provided with valuable dos and don’ts in makeup application, helping them avoid common mistakes and achieve flawless looks.

Beginner’s Guide: Beginners are not left out. Faces Canada offers a beginner’s guide, making makeup more accessible for those who are just starting their beauty journey.

Makeup Hacks: The page shares clever makeup hacks and tips to make the makeup application process easier and more efficient.

Influencer Collaborations: Faces Canada collaborates with influencers, allowing them to connect with their audience through influencer-generated content, reviews, and recommendations.

Highlights: Their highlights section is a treasure trove of information, featuring organized content such as giveaways, showcasing comfy silk lip shades, product launches, the allure of matte finishes, self-care Sundays, and blogger spotlights.

In essence, Faces Canada’s Instagram page is an engaging and educational platform that not only showcases their products but also fosters a sense of community and learning within the beauty community. It’s a go-to destination for makeup enthusiasts looking to stay updated on the latest trends, get inspired, and enhance their makeup skills.

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40 Years of Beauty

FACES CANADA’s #LeaveAMark Lipstick Day CampaignTo commemorate Lipstick Day, FACES CANADA, a renowned beauty brand boasting a 40-year Canadian heritage and a commitment to skincare-friendly natural ingredients devoid of harmful chemicals, launched a captivating #LeaveAMark social media campaign. This initiative made its debut on July 29th, engaging a robust network of 350 influencers spanning the entire nation.


In celebrating Lipstick Day with the #LeaveAMark campaign, Faces Canada leverages its impressive 40-year Canadian heritage and dedication to natural, skin-friendly ingredients, setting the stage for a dynamic marketing strategy. 

With the involvement of 350 influencers nationwide, this campaign not only promotes the brand but also engages a diverse audience across the country.By harnessing the power of social media and influencers, Faces Canada ensures that its message of quality, heritage, and natural beauty resonates with consumers. This strategic approach not only boosts brand visibility but also strengthens its reputation as a trusted source of cosmetics enriched with potent natural ingredients.As Faces Canada continues to evolve and innovate in the ever-changing beauty landscape, its commitment to quality, heritage, and natural goodness will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the hearts and dressing tables of beauty enthusiasts across India.

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