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At Miraggio, they’re not just another handbag company; they’re the ultimate cheerleaders for the fierce, fabulous, and fashionable women of today! Let’s delve into the world of Miraggio and discover their marketing strategies! We as a digital marketing agency for luxury brands are curious to know their strategy, are you?

digital marketing agency for luxury brands

Miraggio's Price Strategy: Premium Quality, Pocket-Friendly Prices

When it comes to pricing, Miraggio has always been committed to ensuring that their premium quality products are accessible to everyone at a very reasonable cost. Miraggio’s mission is to offer proud products at prices that won’t make you think twice when choosing their products.Their handbags aren’t just an economical way to upgrade your style; they’re designed to be your faithful companions on any adventure you embark upon.Now, let’s talk about their standout strategy with the headline “Bold & Beast: Capturing the Market with Unmatched Versatility and Cutting-Edge Designs.”

Miraggio’s most remarkable product range, “Bold & Beast,” is not just another collection of handbags; it’s a testament to their strategy. These bags are a true embodiment of your versatility, featuring innovative patterns and experimental cuts that are taking the market by storm.


Miraggio Collaborates with Shanaya Kapoor to Redefine Grand and Glamorous Handbags. This partnership marks the dawn of a new handbag collection that elevates your style, setting you apart from the crowd. Shanaya’s youthful and chic persona perfectly aligns with Miraggio’s trendy spirit.

Comprising three distinct releases, this collaboration with Shanaya embodies the brand’s essence – fun, stylish, unique, and confident. The collection offers a wide range of colors and dynamic silhouettes.

Miraggio embarked on this venture to offer a meticulously curated selection of bags for every occasion and season. Each bag in this collection boasts remarkable versatility. From totes to slings, baguette bags to crossbody bags, all meticulously crafted from PU, Faux Leather, and Vegan Leather. Consistent with the brand’s mission to style the independent, modern woman who isn’t afraid to experiment, every bag in this launch is designed to elevate your look and make fashion more enjoyable and accessible.

The inaugural release, the ‘After Party Collection,’ is primed to prepare you for the holiday season. This drop features carefully selected opulent pieces available in festive iterations, perfect for upcoming celebrations. The collection brings back the celebrated Moon Bag, along with metallic clutches and spacious totes. The ‘After Party Collection’ is a dazzling array of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Miraggio encourages their patrons to build a handbag wardrobe that mirrors their personality and adapts to their dynamic style. The Miraggio x Shanaya collaboration is a vibrant fusion of colors and textures, with bursts of pink, green, orange, yellow, and silver. Exclusively available online, Miraggio markets their handbags through their website,, and on other platforms such as Nykaa Fashion, Myntra, Ajio, Tata Cliq, and Amazon.

Shanaya’s collection with Miraggio is poised to take the internet by storm and make waves in the handbag retail industry. The Miraggio and Shanaya Kapoor collection epitomize style, offering a personal spotlight to all Miraggio Muses wherever they venture.

This campaign with Shanaya Kapoor redefined grand and glamour handbags offering a kaleidoscope of style that sets to make waves in the fashion world.

digital marketing agency for luxury brands

Instagram Strategy

Miraggio’s Instagram strategy is designed to capture the essence of chic and elegance, reflecting the brand’s aesthetic vibe. The feed will showcase classy handbags with models portraying them in a very fashionable and stylish manner, conveying that these handbags are more than just accessories – they are integral to a stylish lifestyle.

To generate anticipation for the new collection, the strategy includes intriguing newspaper-style teasers. These posts feature models reading newspapers with headlines or snippets from the upcoming collection, building suspense and excitement. Countdowns and release dates will be incorporated to keep the audience engaged.Miraggio also leverages moment marketing by integrating trending topics, events, and holidays into their content. This will involve showcasing their handbags as must-haves for specific occasions and using trending hashtags to increase visibility.

Collaborations with fashion influencers and style icons adds authenticity and makes the brand reach a wider, more targeted audience. Consistency in posting will be maintained to keep the audience engaged and informed.

digital marketing agency for luxury brands

Wrapping Up

Miraggio’s influencer strategy is set to be a game-changer in the world of fashion and style. The collaboration with Shanaya Kapoor signifies a deliberate move to redefine the perception of grand and glamorous handbags. This partnership capitalizes on Shanaya’s youthful and chic persona, which perfectly aligns with Miraggio’s trendy spirit.

Miraggio’s Instagram marketing strategy is designed to not only reflect the brand’s chic and elegant identity but also to create excitement and anticipation among its followers. By showcasing classy handbags in a visually pleasing and fashionable manner, Miraggio aims to demonstrate that their products are an essential part of a stylish lifestyle. The use of newspaper-style teasers and moment marketing  creates a sense of suspense and relevance, ensuring that the audience is engaged and informed about upcoming collections. To enhance this strategy further and incorporate bag marketing ideas, you can consider the above-mentioned initiatives. 

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