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Innovative CGI techniques enable advertisers to create astonishing experiential scenes for social media recognition. The recent Maybelline mascara advertisement serves as a prime example of the substantial viral influence of out-of-home (OOH) advertising when executed effectively.

Maybelline, a name familiar to many, has held global acclaim since its establishment in 1915. In its pursuit of engaging and captivating women with its beauty products, Maybelline has orchestrated a series of innovative marketing strategies. One of the recent, ingenious approaches that has generated substantial discourse is the integration of CGI in their out-of-home advertising. As a skincare marketing agency we are intrigued at such innovative campaign techniques and always love to dive into it.

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Maybelline's Cosmetic Elegance Meets Cutting-Edge Advertising

Maybelline’s beauty products cater to a diverse clientele and rely on a spectrum of highly effective marketing innovations. Thriving in a fiercely competitive market, this cosmetics giant continuously introduces new products to maintain a competitive edge. Their marketing tactics are a blend of traditional and digital media, synergistically employed to bolster brand recognition among their target demographic.

The recent Maybelline mascara campaign in London has garnered significant attention. This advertising endeavor brilliantly exemplified the immense influence of out-of-home (OOH) advertising or outdoor media. Over the weekend, Maybelline posted a TikTok video unveiling their novel out-of-home advertising creations. The colossal mascara ad, seemingly gracing the sides of London’s edifices, subway stations, and iconic double-decker buses, appeared astonishingly realistic but was, in actuality, a CGI masterpiece.

Crafting captivating and unconventional ad campaigns may seem like a daunting task, but Maybelline executed it flawlessly. Through this strategic approach, Maybelline managed to infuse a sense of magical realism into mascara and eyelashes.


Its impact

This virtual campaign via out-of-home media left an indelible impression, especially on individuals actively engaged outside their residences and workplaces. Encountering something novel and amusing within one’s surroundings arouses curiosity and seizes one’s attention, stimulating the imagination of those who behold it.

As the Maybelline mascara ad video circulated across social media, it ignited a wave of positive reactions. Many deemed this CGI-infused out-of-home mascara ad as one of the finest in existence. The ripple effect of this campaign extended well beyond London and the United Kingdom, reaching a global audience. Maybelline’s marketing strategy has undeniably contributed to the company’s remarkable success.

Furthermore, this strategy didn’t merely enhance Maybelline’s product sales and brand image; it also catalyzed a transformation in the landscape of out-of-home advertising. In the early days of digital advertising, traditional media such as print, radio, and outdoor billboards were often dismissed as mundane and uninspiring. However, as the initial fervor surrounding microsites waned, classic platforms, particularly out-of-home advertising, underwent a renaissance.

Maybelline’s brilliant strategy, encompassing their groundbreaking CGI campaign, has not only heightened the company’s stature but also played a pivotal role in the evolution of out-of-home advertising media. We as a beauty social media marketing agency are intrigued, are you?

Fae Beauty

FAE beauty’s new product launch through the “Lip Whip CGI campaign” represents a cutting-edge approach to marketing. This campaign leverages several innovative strategies to capture the attention of consumers and create a buzz in the beauty industry:

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Visual effects and CGI

FAE beauty has employed CGI to create stunning and hyper-realistic visuals of their lip products. This high quality CGI allows them to showcase their lip products. This high-quality CGI allows them to showcase their products in various colors, shades, and styles giving customers a vivid and interactive experience even before they purchase. 


Influencer Collaborations

FAE beauty partners with social media influencers and beauty enthusiasts to promote their products. These influencers create content around the LIP WHIP CGI campaign, showcasing the versatility of FAE Beauty’s lip product and reaching their dedicated fan bases.


Overall, FAE Beauty’s Lip Whip CGI Campaign combines the power of technology, social media, and influencer marketing to create a visually immersive and engaging experience for customers. This innovative approach positions FAE Beauty as a forward-thinking brand in the beauty industry, driving product visibility and sales while estabilishing lasting connections with their audience.

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