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Marketing Strategy Of Fae Beauty

Fae Beauty

Welcome to the captivating universe of Fae Beauty, where the pulse of their users is the heartbeat that guides their every creation. In a world where trends seem to rise and fall like shooting stars, Fae Beauty stands steadfastly against sacrificing quality for fleeting relevance. They believe that you deserve the very best .

So, are you ready to step into the realm of Fae Beauty?  Get ready to discover a world of beauty that transcends imagination – a world where the desires of your heart finally find their rightful place. We as a skincare digital marketing agency are excited, are you too?


Skincare Digital Marketing: Where Gen-Z Takes the Lead and Inclusivity Reigns Supreme

In an era when makeup brands offered only a narrow range of shades, FAE Beauty stepped up by introducing products tailored for brown skin. With a vision of “Free And Equal” (FAE), they strive to create a welcoming space for all skin types. 

Their marketing strategy boldly embraces the normalization of body hair, acne, skin pigmentation, and the empowerment of individuals who often face stereotypical labels imposed by society.

Introducing their groundbreaking digital campaign #nosuchthingas, followed by an exciting product launch, FAE Beauty fearlessly confronted judgmental labels like ‘Too Much,’ ‘Too Dark,’ ‘Too Basic,’ and other hurtful comments that people frequently encounter.

Through this innovative campaign, the brand sought to challenge the notion that anyone could be labeled as ‘too much’ or ‘too dark.’ Instead, they championed the belief that true beauty stems from embracing individuality wholeheartedly. As a playful twist, FAE Beauty even went so far as to name their lipsticks after these very judgmental labels, adding a touch of quirkiness to their empowering message.Unleashing their freshest campaign, FAE Beauty proudly presents the “FAE Desi Drink Flavoured” lip balms, a delightful homage to the nostalgic tastes of our childhood. Drawing inspiration from the rich palette of desi drinks that colored our fondest memories, these lip balms ingeniously imitate the essence of coconuts, chocolates, and other fizzy beverages that once delighted our taste buds.

True to their signature wit and creativity, FAE Beauty bestowed these lip balms with quirky names that evoke smiles and memoriesBrace yourself for a range of flavors that include delightful titles like “Noice Nimbu,” “Soda Paap,” “Real Nariyal,” and many more.

Indulge in the sweet nostalgia of your favorite desi drinks while pampering your lips with these irresistible lip balms from FAE Beauty’s latest campaign. It’s a lip-smacking journey down memory lane you won’t want to miss!

We as a beauty social media marketing agency feel that Fae Beauty’s campaigns are quite capitivating and engaging, what do you feel?



Skincare digital marketing agency
Skincare digital marketing

Pure Beauty Unleashed

FAE Beauty believes in celebrating people just the way they are, without using edits, filters, or touch-ups. 

Unlike many other beauty brands that only show “clean,” flawless, and fair skin, FAE Beauty proudly features real individuals with natural hair, darker skin tones, acne, and other unique qualities. 

They want everyone to feel accepted and embrace their own beauty, regardless of societal expectations.By showing real and diverse people, FAE Beauty challenges the unrealistic beauty standards and encourages everyone to love themselves as they are.




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The Extent of Digital Influence

As an online-focused brand, FAE Beauty has gained more than 48,000 followers in a short time.FAE Beauty has a winning digital formula to captivate its audience. They use a mix of attractive visuals, appealing audio, and more to keep people engaged. Their color palette includes pastels, vibrant electric shades, lots of whites, and greens, which is also reflected in their packaging.


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Influencers are at the heart of FAE Beauty's strategy

In recent years, the beauty industry has experienced a surge in ‘Clean beauty’ and ‘Minimal Makeup’ trends. FAE Beauty is aligned with these trends and collaborates with influencers who create visually pleasing audio and visual content to reach a wider audience.

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Memes play a significant role at FAE Beauty

Memes are a great way for FAE Beauty to connect with young people. They share funny and relatable makeup and skincare memes, sometimes featuring their own employees. This helps create a strong bond between the audience and the brand.

Advertisement Strategy

advertisement strategy

Talking about their Advertisement Strategy:  

Through targeted display ads, they focus on reaching users who have already shown interest by visiting their website, ensuring better chances of conversion. Further they have used meta ads which leverage user behaviour and interests to gain insights into buyer persona. This allows them to produce tailored ads that cater to specific preferences and needs of the potential customers. Additionally they have used gmail ad strategy, the goal is to enhance brand awareness, generate leads and encourage prospective customers to explore and make purchases from Fae Beauty’s website.

The combination of targeted display ads and meta ads results in a powerful advertising strategy. Targeted display ads ensure that the right message is shown to the right audience, while meta ads enable advertisers to create ads that genuinely connect with potential customers, leading to higher engagement rates and increased conversion opportunities.

Overall, this approach improves the return on investment (ROI) of advertising efforts, as advertisers spend their budget more efficiently and achieve better results by focusing on the most promising leads. Additionally, the personalized and relevant nature of the ads enhances the overall user experience, fostering a positive brand perception and increasing the likelihood of customer loyalty and repeat business

Wrapping Up

In conclusion Fae beauty’s creative marketing strategies including the capitivating campaigns, meme strategy and influencer marketing has made at the top of their game. Overall, FAE Beauty’s inclusive vision, powerful marketing campaigns, and innovative product offerings have not only set them apart in the competitive beauty industry but have also fostered a sense of community and empowerment among their customers. As they continue to champion diversity and individuality, their positive brand image and customer loyalty are likely to propel their success in the future. We as a beauty social media marketing agency feel their marketing strategies have an effective approach and hence a good outcome!

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