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In a world where individuality is often overshadowed by conformity, there arises a brand that stands tall, celebrating the beauty of diversity in every shade and form. Welcome to our brand, where the philosophy is deeply rooted in being gender-neutral and honoring the unique expressions of every individual. We as a beauty marketing agency are excited to know their strategies, are you?

A Strategic Approach to Social Outreach

They meticulously executed numerous engagement campaigns to cultivate a reservoir of potential customers, subsequently harnessing these prospects in conversion campaigns aimed at bolstering lower funnel conversions.

Diversifying their creative and copy strategies across various target audiences, their primary focus honed in on engaging women with a penchant for makeup/cosmetics, fashion, and luxury items.

To achieve optimal reach, they employed a mix of placements, leveraging carousels, catalogs, videos, and deploying distinct strategies for both remarketing and lookalike audiences. By tapping into brand ambassador assets, they not only aimed to inspire their ideal demographic but also to expand their footprint among new clientele.

Furthermore, their holistic approach was accentuated by the integration of browser notifications, tailored SMS messaging, and proactive exit intent strategies, effectively addressing aspects such as abandoned carts, unveiling new offers, sales, and heralding the launch of innovative products

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A Comprehensive Digital Approach

In their Google strategy, they employed a multifaceted approach to optimize their online presence. Initially, they harnessed various tools to pinpoint the most pertinent brand, generic, competitor, and behavioral keywords resonating with their brand ethos and product range. Subsequently, they orchestrated a series of campaigns and ad groups, meticulously structured around these keyword clusters.

Delving deeper into online buyer behavior, they discerned the most frequently viewed products and top-selling items, enabling them to craft campaigns that directly addressed these preferences. Their strategy further expanded to encompass campaigns centered on leading products, predominant search trends, user behavior nuances, and key geographical regions. In tandem with their Paid Search endeavors aimed at conversions and the introduction of new products, they strategically integrated Display and YouTube Discovery Ads.

This move was designed not only to broaden their audience base but also to pave the way for targeted remarketing initiatives, ultimately amplifying their conversion rates.

#choosewisely with Colorbar Cosmetics, a campaign by Times OOH

The #choosewisely campaign endeavors to position Colorbar Cosmetics as a premier, 100% non-toxic nail lacquer globally. The campaign’s primary objective is to enlighten consumers about the unique selling points of Colorbar’s Vegan Nail Lacquer, fostering widespread recognition and solidifying the brand’s leadership in the emerging vegan nail lacquer market. Central to the campaign’s messaging is the assertion that Colorbar Vegan Nail Lacquer stands as the pinnacle of safety and excellence. Crafted with the purest vegan components, it is devoid of any harmful or toxic additives, ensuring users receive the finest nail lacquer experience.

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The focus on educating consumers about the product’s unique selling points, such as its pure vegan ingredients devoid of harmful additives, underscores the brand’s dedication to both consumer health and environmental sustainability. As Colorbar continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, its marketing endeavors ensure that the brand remains at the forefront of the beauty industry, resonating with conscious consumers seeking quality and safety in their beauty choices.

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