Five Refined Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Products

Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez’s brainchild, Rare Beauty, strategically targets her vibrant fanbase aged 16 to 35, employing finely tuned marketing strategies aligned with the mission of driving product sales. The brand’s extensive collection of 200 products includes the highly acclaimed Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush, a fan favorite recognized with a prestigious Best of Beauty Award from Allure magazine. This blush’s popularity stems from its seamless finish as it gracefully melts into the skin.

The Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush, available in five inclusive shades catering to a range of skin tones, exemplifies Rare Beauty’s commitment to embracing diversity. Despite its higher pricing compared to drugstore brands, Rare Beauty positions itself within an accessible range, resonating well with its celebrity competitors like Ariana Grande’s r.e.m. beauty and Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.

Rare Beauty’s strategic placement extends beyond North America, where it made its debut in 2020, reaching handpicked territories in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific in 2021. Selena Gomez’s global fanbase contributes to the brand’s inclusive ethos, emphasizing that Rare Beauty’s allure transcends borders and resonates not only with hearts but also in sales figures. The brand’s expansion is ongoing, reflecting its commitment to celebrating beauty’s diverse facets.

In terms of promotion, Selena Gomez actively endorses Rare Beauty through her social media platforms, leveraging her public image to engage audiences. The brand’s introduction on February 4, 2020, via Gomez’s Instagram, featuring a behind-the-scenes video, garnered widespread attention with over 8 million views and 1.8 million likes. This strategic promotion aligns with Rare Beauty’s mission of connecting with its audience through the authenticity of its founder. As a beauty social media marketing agency we think  Selena Gomez’s global influence, inclusive product offerings, and social media engagement makes Rare Beauty a resonant and accessible beauty brand that celebrates diversity. Learn more about the marketing strategy of Rare Beauty.

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty’s groundbreaking  marketing strategy in the beauty industry focuses on championing diversity, evident in their inclusive campaign featuring models from various backgrounds. Their expansive collection of 40 foundation shades, surpassing competitors with usually around 33, challenges industry norms and swiftly prompted others to expand their ranges. Fenty’s commitment to promptly serving individuals with darker skin tones shattered historical wait times, while the brand’s success underscored the demand for inclusivity, inspiring a shift in the beauty industry’s approach to defining and celebrating diverse consumers.

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Diam Beauty

Diam Beauty’s marketing strategy revolves around fostering a vibrant community across multiple platforms. On Facebook, they share daily inspiration, beauty tips, and updates, inviting followers to join conversations on self-discovery and diversity. LinkedIn serves as a professional hub, offering insights into industry advancements and career opportunities. Instagram provides a visually immersive experience, showcasing beauty, creativity, and artistry through tutorials and behind-the-scenes content. Diam Beauty positions itself as a boundary-free beauty advocate, inviting individuals to join their journey of redefining beauty standards and celebrating diversity. The endorsement from a beauty social media digital marketing agency underscores the captivating and engaging nature of Diam Beauty’s campaigns.

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Gush Beauty

The founder of Gush, recognizing the evolving preferences of Gen Z, emphasizes a shift from chic minimalism to a celebration of maximalism, authenticity, and inclusivity in beauty marketing. Successful Gen Z beauty brands actively engage with and seek input from their audience, reshaping cultural norms to align with values of inclusivity and diversity. Gush’s strategy focuses on promoting a genuine and diverse portrayal of beauty, challenging idealized standards perpetuated by the beauty industry. Their approach centers on building connections, nurturing community, and embodying the role of a trusted confidant online. Gush prioritizes delivering value, entertainment, and education, aligning with the discerning nature of today’s informed and conscious consumers. As a beauty social media marketing agency, there is intrigue and appreciation for Gush’s marketing strategy.

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Simply Nam

Simply Nam’s marketing strategy revolves around connecting with their audience through diverse social media channels. On YouTube, they provide captivating beauty tutorials, product reviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Facebook serves as a platform for daily inspiration and updates, fostering a community that celebrates beauty and authenticity. LinkedIn is utilized for sharing information about the brand’s latest innovations and commitment to clean beauty. Instagram offers an enchanting visual experience, showcasing beauty tips, clean beauty products, and the allure of nature. The platform features a dedicated highlight for distinct makeup looks that customers can shop for, providing guidance on using their diverse product range. As a beauty social media marketing agency, the captivating and engaging nature of Simply Nam’s campaigns is noted, reflecting a comprehensive approach that embraces clean beauty, nature, and inclusivity across various platforms.

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Wrapping Up

In the beauty industry, each brand, from Rare Beauty’s strategic targeting of a diverse audience under Selena Gomez’s influence to Fenty Beauty’s disruptive inclusivity, and Diam Beauty’s community-focused approach, to Simply Nam’s comprehensive embrace of clean beauty, represents unique and effective marketing strategies. These approaches leverage the power of celebrity influence, inclusivity, community engagement, and diverse content across various platforms. The success of these brands underscores the importance of authenticity, diversity, and a strong online presence in capturing and retaining a modern and engaged beauty consumer base. 

We as a cosmetic marketing agency think that the convergence of celebrity endorsements, inclusivity, and community-building emerges as a powerful formula for resonating with the contemporary beauty consumer.

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