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In the ever-expanding realm of beauty and skincare, the term “clean” has become more than just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to purity, safety, and efficacy. Pilgrim, as a brand, embraces this ethos wholeheartedly, positioning itself as not merely “clean” but as “Clean Compatible.” What does this mean? It’s more than just being free of harmful chemicals – it’s a holistic approach that seeks to enhance the health of our hair and skin while amplifying the effectiveness of every formulation. We as a beauty digital marketing agency are excited to delve into their marketing strategies, are you?

Marketing Strategy

Pilgrim strategically unveiled its inaugural TV commercial featuring Yami Gautam on April 5, 2023. The central theme of the commercial depicts Yami being playfully “kidnapped” by Koreans eager to learn her secrets for luscious hair growth, to which she cleverly responds, “Pilgrim ne dhoond nikale” (“Pilgrim uncovered it”). 

This catchy phrase serves as the campaign’s primary hook. As part of this marketing initiative, the brand collaborated with content creators, encouraging them to infuse their unique and humorous interpretations into the theme of “Pilgrim ne dhoond nikale,” thereby amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact.

The aim of this initiative was to spotlight Pilgrim’s revelation of Korean hair care secrets and endorse their hair growth serum. In order to raise awareness about this, Pilgrim partnered with influencers from the realms of entertainment and beauty. These influencers crafted amusing and relatable content seamlessly incorporating Pilgrim’s uncovering of Korean hair care secrets.


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Placing a Significant Bet on D2C

The brand is making a substantial investment in Direct-to-Consumer (D2C), recognizing its myriad advantages over the traditional offline business model. Emphasizing the merits of the D2C retail model, Kedia explained, “D2C provides the flexibility to reach a nationwide audience from a single location. Additionally, it facilitates swift feedback collection from consumers.

While they do not rule out the possibility of going omnichannel in the future, the decision to embrace D2C is primarily driven by the opportunity for a much closer connection with consumers.

Upon venturing into omnichannel operations, the brand envisions the establishment of exclusive stores and an expanded presence in both general and modern trade.

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Strategic Education: Unveiling Innovative Skincare Insights and Future Endeavors

Their marketing approach involves showcasing the brand’s reputation for introducing unconventional products and lesser-known ingredients. To achieve this, the brand is committed to educating consumers through various channels such as social media and its website. These platforms serve as avenues to discuss diverse topics, including details about different products, their benefits, featured ingredients, and more.


They are not just providing information and education about their products; they also focus on general skincare knowledge. Additionally, they collaborate closely with influencers possessing the appropriate reach and expertise.



In conclusion, the brand’s marketing strategy revolves around the dissemination of knowledge and education, showcasing its commitment to innovation and lesser-known ingredients. Through active engagement on social media and the brand’s website, they not only provide information about their products but also offer insights into general skincare. 

The collaboration with influencers possessing the right expertise amplifies their reach. Looking ahead, the brand has ambitious plans, demonstrating a holistic approach that combines education, innovation, and strategic partnerships to strengthen its presence in the skincare market.

We as a cosmetic marketing agency think that the convergence of celebrity endorsements, inclusivity, and community-building emerges as a powerful formula for resonating with the contemporary beauty consumer.

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