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Marketing Strategy Of Active Wear


The brand has an influencer marketing strategy. Lululemon regularly collaborates with local yoga, wellness and fitness instructors to represent its brand. 

They create a space where people can build community by using a section of its stores to host meditation, yoga and fitness classes. The brand is very innovative and takes customer feedback very seriously. Because of that, their clothing line is carefully designed to allow their clients to feel comfortable while working out. Customers are a valuable part of Lululemon’s marketing strategy. Therefore, the brand knows that the customers can be valuable content creators when they are satisfied with their products. 

Since social media occupies a significant place in marketing, user-generated content is more likely to be trustworthy than branded content. Lululemon’s #TheSweatLife was an example of how a brand can inspire consumers to build their network along with sports marketing campaigns. Consumers used it as a way to share their achievements and fitness goals on instagram. 

Considering their advertising strategy, a key component of Lululemon’s strategy is that professionals of the brand are very considerate of their community. With its marketing strategy, Lululemon demonstrates that one of the best ways to to build community is to host events in collaboration with local leaders. 

Lululemon engages with its clientele in different ways and takes their opinions and recommendations into account. Doing this strengthens the brand in the moment and also in the long run. Now that you know Lululemon’s marketing strategy, perhaps you can get inspired and uplift your own brand.


GymShark is one of the most activewear brands to exist as it is highly appreciated by physical fitness freaks and fashion-conscious audiences. The success behind this high-flying fitness brand is also its great customer base. GymShark is a company that has always prioritized marketing using offline means. Over the years, it has built an active and engaged audience on various social media platforms through its marketing. GymShark’s marketing strategy is primarily to use all the major social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tiktok. 

In addition to this, it also uses other forms of digital platforms. All this being said, it also dives deep into influencer marketing strategy, GymShark has adopted Instagram as a means to promote their products.

Being a personal fan of Lex Griffin and Chris Lavado, the very popular YouTubers and gym freaks. Initially, they started collaborating with various Instagrammers and bloggers for more reach, they followed the method of selected influencers to enhance their customer base, and they collaborated with many famous influencers to take GymShark up. 

Their influencers not only promote their products but also give ideas for captions and bios. They also announced their “66 days | Change Your Life” challenge on their website and other social media platforms in which basically the followers took this challenge and posted on their stories for the same. 

Not only this GymShark also follows a content marketing strategy in which they include blogs, newsletters, and Spotify playlists. Through informative blogs and newsletters, they create awareness among audiences regarding various topics on fitness. Another takeaway from their marketing strategy is that they post different content on all social media platforms instead of posting the same content on all social media platforms.


SweatyBetty is a great example of a business built around a fitness community and reaping audiences from social media. They are active on a range of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and their own blog, through all this they have gained a massive audience. Starting with Twitter they have an actively engaged feed that focuses on product promotion, a prime reason for its success on Twitter is also because they reply to their customer inquiries and generally have a conversation through it.

This is a very important aspect as while you build a community, it’s important to engage with your customers and build relations with them for the better functioning of your community. 

Considering their Instagram, they manage to repost images from other users and brand ambassadors, which is considered a great way of rewarding brand followers.



Fabletics conducts huge marketing research every year to review their progress and add improvements if any to meet their customer needs. Starting with its subscription strategy, it operates under a VIP membership program, the subscription makes their customer stick to the brands making it difficult for their competitors to steal the limelight. But here the lesson to be learnt is that luring customers into subscription and then making it difficult for them to cancel it is a great reputation threat as well, so it is also important for the business to set right expectations and launch effective referral programs.

Fabletics has also gone long way uniting their online and offline buying and selling experiences,

The shoppers connect to their accounts as soon as they enter brick-and-mortar stores and complete transactions that they started with on their mobile phones. In addition to this, they can also check the availability of other sizes or colors or view the matching products in an exact store from the fitting room.

Many e-commerce websites put a priority based on visual content but Fabletics use machine-learning algorithms to curate personalized customer experience and show images related to previous customer preferences. They also promote their content with advertising campaigns that feature athletes and celebrities.



Alphalete strategically employs a ‘FOMO-BASED’ (fear of missing out) fashion marketing strategy, the consumer view of products is transformed by making low stock seem exclusive. This exclusivity also negates the need to utilize sales or discount codes, the way other brands usually lure customers with. They transitioned from ‘click and buy this product’ on an ad to simply using appealing content to expand the brand’s reach with best activewear marketing campaigns on their website and social media platforms.

Also, Alphalete goes extra hard on graphic and video content in their launch weeks, this comprises extensive & professional photoshoots, motivational videos and posts and detailed sizing guides and product reviews.

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