Marketing Case Study Of Indian Fashion Luxury Brands

Shantanu and Nikhil

Shantanu and Nikhil, the dynamic duo of Indian luxury fashion! These two talented designers are a perfect blend of creativity and innovation, adding a splash of glamor to the luxury fashion world. With their innovative approach Shantanu & Nikhil have redefined the world of Indian fashion by offering a fresh perspective to the bridal and groom’s wear market.

Shantanu, the visionary, and Nikhil, the maestro, embark on a thrilling luxury fashion journey, weaving magic with each stitch and design. Their collections are a captivating fusion of colors, patterns, and textures, drawing inspiration from India’s rich heritage while adding a contemporary twist. 

Join us as we celebrate the awe-inspiring blend of tradition and trendiness, complemented by a touch of quirkiness and a whole lot of fabulousness, all brought to life by the dynamic duo of Indian luxury fashion! We as a luxury fashion marketing agency have executed many case studies related to a fashion digital marketing, let us also study this one in detail.  

Social Media Marketing

Let’s take you on a tour of how Shantanu & Nikhil have conquered the landscape of social media- the digital landscape with their captivating social media presence, from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook to YouTube, let’s uncover how this dynamic duo connects to their audience.


On their Instagram, Shantanu and Nikhil showcase a beautiful mix of traditional & modern fashion, blending India’s rich heritage with contemporary styles, as you step into their Instagram feed, you’ll be instantly immersed in a world of visual delights, where every post is a masterpiece in itself.

But it’s not just about the clothing; Shantanu and Nikhil understand the power of storytelling. They artfully weave narratives through their posts, sharing the inspiration behind their designs and the craftsmanship that goes into every creation. Through their visual storytelling, they transport their followers into a world where fashion is not just clothing but a form of expression and art. This is a unique yet creative approach that sets them apart. It actually impresses those who scroll through their feed. What an essence of luxury fashion with storytelling right, it is absolutely amazing!

On Twitter, Shantanu and Nikhil’s presence is characterized by the engaging and insightful tweets. They use the platform to share quick updates about their latest collections, luxury fashion events, and collaborations. While on Facebook, they offer a broader view of their luxury fashion journey, they provide more in-depth description allowing the fans to dive deep into their perspective of fashion. The page also acts as a platform for engaging with their audience, inviting conversations, and responding to comments and inquiries. 

On YouTube, Shantanu and Nikhil offer an exciting visual treat. Their channel gives you a front-row experience to their fabulous luxury fashion shows, where you can watch full-length runway presentations, and  get to know the designers through interviews. It’s like being part of their glamorous world right from the comfort of your screen!

The moment marketing strategy adopted by Shantanu and Nikhil showcases their innovative approach to luxury fashion. Their latest collection, “AURORA,” takes inspiration from the enchanting phenomenon of the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis. The sweatshirts in this collection feature stunning spectral highlights resembling the mesmerizing colors of the northern lights. With “AURORA,” the designer duo continues to push the boundaries of creativity, offering fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to embrace the mesmerizing pull of the northern lights in their wardrobe. Catering to the latest trends, they have managed to launch this amazing collection. By launching the “AURORA” collection at a time when the northern lights might be a topic of interest or trending, they capitalized on the moment and created a collection that captured the imagination of their audience.

Talking about their recent collaboration with Mercedes portrays the launch of their new flagship store in Kalaghoda, Mumbai. The partnership between the iconic fashion duo and the renowned automobile brand brings together the essence of luxury, style, and innovation. The collaboration between Shantanu and Nikhil and Mercedes for the flagship store launch in Mumbai boosts marketing efforts through increased visibility, target audience expansion, and positive brand association.  

Advertisement Strategy

House Of Masaba

Welcome to the House of Masaba! The brand is known for its special style and unique designs. They love being playful and trying new things, breaking away from the usual. They deal in luxury menswear, womenswear, accessories and much more. Lets dive into their luxury fashion marketing and understand how they process. Join HavStrategy in understanding the fashion perspective and apparel marketing of Masaba Let’s get started…

Exploring House Of Masaba’s social media magic:

Masaba Gupta is a multifaceted personality – a luxury fashion designer, social media influencer, body-positive activist, and actor. Her brand goes beyond fashion, leaving a remarkable impact on social media. But that’s not all – the new-age designer knows how to make the most of social media unlike anyone else. From hosting fashion shows on Instagram to generating 60% of sales through WhatsApp, Masaba Gupta is a master at utilizing these platforms.

Brand Masaba’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles delicately balance being aspirational, affordable, and inclusive, attracting a loyal set of followers. The entrepreneur uses Facebook for fashion updates, brand collaborations, Live chats, and important announcements. On Twitter, the tone is more formal yet candid, reflecting the persona and engaging with followers on various occasions, the brand utilizes Twitter for a range of purposes, from sending birthday wishes and retweeting inspiring quotes to directing users to her Instagram account. It’s a versatile platform for her to connect with her audience in  different ways

Instagram is Masaba’s go-to platform, where she is highly active. She has a dedicated page for her brand, House of Masaba, and also maintains a personal profile. One of her remarkable achievements is being credited as one of the first luxury fashion designers to conduct luxury fashion shows through Instagram. 


Keeping up with the trends of Social media:

The Masaba Gupta social media journey is characterized by unapologetic, unconventional, and innovative themes. It embraces girl power and showcases her as a relentless, candid, and bold entrepreneur. 

The brand’s marketing journey has been marked by quirky campaigns like ‘Different is good’ and ‘Pyar Kiya Gender Kya’, showcasing her innovative approach to marketing.

Masaba strategically targets her audience ‘anytime and anywhere’ based on their needs. She promotes her brand through collaborations with other celebrities and brands via Instagram. For instance, House of Masaba uses Instagram shopping, redirecting users to the specific product pages for a seamless shopping.

The actor is a passionate advocate for various causes, including the environment. She initiated a campaign and clothing line to combat plastic pollution and promote environmental conservation. 

Additionally, Masaba courageously stands up against body shaming and racism through her initiatives. Moreover, she extends her support to local handloom artisans, championing the preservation of traditional crafts and supporting the community.


Brand Association

In addition to her own brand, ‘House of Masaba,’ Gupta has collaborated with brands from various sectors, including FMCG, Hospitality, BFSI, fashion, and luxury products. In 2020, Masaba collaborated with Kurkure for a recent association and designed festive hampers that perfectly reflected her vibrant and bold personality.

Masaba consciously connects with GenZ, whether it’s through brand associations, new labels, business ventures, or supporting causes. 

Her consistency and marketing expertise surpass geographical boundaries and stereotypes. The bright and positive vibe on her social media pages reflect her personal branding efforts, adding value and resonance to her online presence.

The brand also collaborated with multi-brand beauty retailer Nykaa for a second time, and launched a collection of nail varnishes with a campaign named, ‘Own It Like Masaba’.

Advertisement Strategy

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Shantanu & Nikhil have made a remarkable impact on the digital landscape of social media through their captivating and innovative approach to luxury fashion. Their Instagram showcases a  blend of traditional and modern luxury fashion, coupled with the power of visual storytelling, creating an immersive experience for their followers. Through Twitter and Facebook, they engage their audience with quick updates, deeper insights, and meaningful interactions, building a strong connection with their fans. On YouTube, they offer an exciting front-row experience to their luxury fashion shows, giving viewers an opportunity to be part of their glamorous world.

Their moment marketing strategy with the “AURORA” collection demonstrates their creativity and ability to capitalize on trending topics, captivating the imagination of their audience and pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Switching gears, Masaba Gupta, a multifaceted personality, has also conquered social media with her brand, Masaba. She knows how to make the most of these platforms, hosting fashion shows on Instagram and generating significant sales through WhatsApp. Her brand’s profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter strike a delicate balance of being aspirational, affordable, and inclusive, attracting a loyal following. Masaba’s proficiency in utilizing each platform effectively allows her to connect with her audience in different ways, solidifying her presence in the digital world.

Her innovative approach to conducting fashion shows through Instagram has been a standout achievement, showcasing her prowess in leveraging social media for her brand’s success.

Fashion Marketing Case Study

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