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Welcome to a grooming experience like no other, where they’re reshaping the landscape of men’s hair removal in India. Their mission is simple: to provide products that not only meet but exceed your expectations, bringing joy, efficacy, and empowerment to your daily routine. Let’s discover their marketing strategies.

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Strategic Brand Evolution

Bombay Shaving Company set itself apart by presenting its shaving kits in a premium fashion, aiming to infuse a sense of luxury into the act of shaving, ultimately turning it into a pleasurable experience. This premium packaging strategy found success as customers enthusiastically shared their unboxing experiences on social media, creating a ripple effect of positive word-of-mouth and significantly boosting the overall perception of the brand.

Additionally, the brand harnessed the power of user-generated content, leveraging the impact of customers’ social media posts showcasing their experiences with the premium packaging. This not only served as a testament to the quality of the products but also acted as a powerful marketing tool, organically expanding the brand’s reach.

Moreover, Bombay Shaving Company employed emotional marketing tactics to create a strong connection with its audience. By strategically aligning with occasions such as Father’s Day and Rakshabandhan, the brand positioned its offerings as ideal gifts for fathers and brothers. The #DadLogic series, comprising short videos, effectively conveyed the sentiment of gifting a razor sharper than a father’s wit, adding an emotional layer to the brand’s identity.

In essence, Bombay Shaving Company’s triumph can be attributed to a combination of innovative product offerings, strategic channel placement, and emotionally compelling promotional initiatives that resonate deeply with its target demographic.

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4Ps Strategies of Bombay Shaving Company


In its inaugural six months, Bombay Shaving Company exclusively offered a comprehensive 6-part shaving kit designed to cater to the entire shaving ritual, from pre-shave scrub to post-shave balm. This strategic move aimed to immerse consumers in the unique experience of shaving. Today, the brand has expanded its product line to encompass over 40 items spanning diverse categories such as shaving, bathing, beard care, hair care, and skincare. Notably, in 2020, the company ventured into the women’s hair removal products segment, currently securing a substantial 7% market share.

Premium Pricing

 Bombay Shaving Company disrupted the market by introducing premium pricing for shaving and grooming products, a concept unconventional a decade ago. Despite shaving kits falling within the range of Rs 1000-3000, the brand has effectively managed all four Ps of marketing.


Adopting an omnichannel approach, Bombay Shaving Company provides consumers the flexibility to shop through various channels based on their convenience. Approximately 75% of the brand’s sales are generated online, facilitated by its website and platforms like Amazon. Additionally, the brand has made significant investments in offline expansion, currently boasting a presence in around 10,000 stores across 20 cities. 


The initial customer base of 500 was acquired organically through word-of-mouth, showcasing the brand’s commitment to building a loyal customer community. Leveraging social media, particularly Facebook, has played a pivotal role in increasing brand visibility.


As per the founders, the initial 500 customers were acquired solely through organic word-of-mouth referrals. In the early stages, Bombay Shaving Company abstained from depending on celebrity endorsements, instead concentrating on cultivating a dedicated customer base to drive sales. 

Strategic utilization of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, played a pivotal role in gaining visibility. Additionally, impactful campaigns like the Father’s Day Campaign resonate emotionally with consumers, contributing to the brand’s connection with its audience.



In conclusion, Bombay Shaving Company has implemented a multifaceted marketing strategy that has been instrumental in its success. The brand’s emphasis on a premium experience, demonstrated through meticulously designed and packaged shaving kits, has set it apart in the market. Leveraging user-generated content on social media has not only showcased the brand’s products but has also generated positive word-of-mouth, expanding its reach organically.

The decision to forego celebrity endorsements in the early stages and rely on word-of-mouth and a loyal customer base exemplifies the brand’s commitment to authenticity and building genuine connections. The strategic use of social media platforms, particularly Facebook, has played a crucial role in creating brand awareness and engagement.

Furthermore, the brand’s emotional marketing approach, as seen in campaigns like the Father’s Day Campaign, demonstrates a keen understanding of its target audience’s sentiments, contributing to a stronger brand-consumer relationship.

In essence, Bombay Shaving Company’s marketing strategy is a blend of innovation, authenticity, and emotional resonance, creating a holistic approach that not only sells products but also cultivates a loyal and engaged customer community.

We as a cosmetic marketing agency think that the convergence of celebrity endorsements, inclusivity, and community-building emerges as a powerful formula for resonating with the contemporary beauty consumer.

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