Marketing Strategy Of Fable Street

We as a fashion digital marketing agency are curious to reveal the marketing strategy of FableStreet, are you?

The main purpose of FableStreet was to tackle the specific fitness and style concerns of Indian women by offering top-notch, globally-inspired work-wear. 

Their goal was also to make it easier for women to discover these fashion choices by providing direct doorstep delivery, thereby reducing their time and effort spent in searching for suitable styles. Now, let’s gain insights into how Fable Street perceive fashion, and then align it with our marketing strategy.

Target Market Of FableStreet

In India, there’s a significant untapped market for women’s western workwear. But things are changing rapidly – more women are joining the workforce, driving remarkable industry growth. This shift is a key factor in today’s economy. What’s more, the industry is transitioning from scattered to structured. Also, social media and influencers are playing a big role, as e-commerce drives retail growth.


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Marketing Strategy & Social Media Presence

FableStreet’s main sales channel is its meticulously designed website, which caters to a robust customer base both in India and across the globe. The brand has achieved success in various international markets, including the US, Australia, UK, Dubai, and Singapore.

The company relies on a substantial and natural word-of-mouth marketing strategy, combined with effective online advertising, to attract new customers successfully.

FableStreet offers products starting at Rs. 1495, and its gross margins typically range between 60% to 65%, depending on the style and fabric used, aligning with the industry standard.

Once FableStreet acquired its initial 100 consumers, the company took a systematic approach to marketing and brand building. They began by adopting a paid marketing strategy, utilizing platforms like Facebook to share the brand’s story and showcase their products.

Additionally, the team focused on establishing a strong presence on social media, regularly sharing relevant products and customer success stories to further engage with their audience. This concerted effort helped FableStreet expand its reach and build a stronger brand presence in the market.

As brand awareness grew, FableStreet experienced a notable increase in organic traffic to their website. The distinctiveness of their business model and products gathered significant press coverage right from the early days of the launch, contributing further to their visibility.

Over the course of three years, FableStreet actively collaborated with complementary brands, forming partnerships that allowed them to showcase their existing and new products to a broader clientele.

These strategic alliances served to enhance awareness and reach among their target audience, establishing FableStreet as a prominent player in the market. By incorporating these fashion marketing strategy FableStreet can further elevate its brand in the competitive fashion market and continue to resonate with its diverse and global customer base.

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Following the acquisition of their initial 100 customers, the FableStreet team methodically delved into marketing and brand establishment. Their strategy kicked off with paid marketing endeavors, utilizing Facebook as a platform to share their narrative and product offerings. Additionally, they diligently cultivated a social media presence, spotlighting relevant products and customer experiences.

As brand recognition gained momentum, organic traffic experienced a corresponding boost. The exceptional nature of FableStreet’s business model and products attracted substantial media coverage right from the outset, further elevating their visibility. Throughout their three-year journey, FableStreet also fostered partnerships with complementary brands, effectively introducing their clientele to both their existing and novel offerings.

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Wrapping Up

In a world where fashion and e-commerce intersect, FableStreet stands as a shining example of strategic growth and brand evolution. With its meticulously crafted website serving as the main gateway, FableStreet has managed to captivate a diverse clientele not only within India but also in international hubs like the US, Australia, UK, Dubai, and Singapore. This global resonance is a testament to the brand’s universal appeal and unwavering commitment to quality.

A key driver of FableStreet’s success lies in its harmonious blend of word-of-mouth magic and calculated online advertising. The power of satisfied customers sharing their experiences has worked hand in hand with strategically placed digital campaigns to bring new faces into the fold.

FableStreet was right at home in the world of social media. With captivating content, the brand established a strong online presence, not only showcasing products but also sharing stories. These stories revolved around customers discovering confidence and style through FableStreet’s creations.

Naturally, as more people recognized the brand, organic website visits increased. The exceptional nature of FableStreet’s ideas and products caught attention, leading to press coverage that started right from the beginning. This coverage stirred curiosity and interest among people.

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