The Best Hospitality Marketing Strategies in 2022

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The Best Hospitality Marketing Strategies in 2022

The overwhelming level of competition in the hospitality marketing sector is a difficulty. With the rise in popularity of services like Airbnb and OYO, it’s become even more difficult to separate from the crowd and earn more bookings. While hoteliers are all too acquainted with these difficulties, they are nonetheless expected to meet (and perhaps surpass) their goals, which are frequently linked to bookings. You need to come up with a solid digital marketing plan for your hotel to stand out! A lot of other hoteliers are already doing these things, so its better to start now!


So, what can a desperate hotel marketer do? How can you ensure that guests find your property at the first place, and then become so enthralled that they can’t wait to reserve their stay? 

Marketing Strategies For The Hotel Industry:

Show Up Online


Let’s face it: technology has triumphed. The days of travel agencies are long gone. Today’s vacationers may conduct their own comparison without leaving their beds. So, if your property is difficult to discover online, it’s no surprise that bookings are few. You must be Highly relevant online for possible bookings so that customers can discover you when they need to rent a room.

Most guests (75 percent!) begin their search for lodging using a search engine, so keep your SEO up to date. Use top hotel buzzwords in your site material, and ensure that your site loads quickly. A good digital marketing plan for your hotel  must definitely include SEO and SEM.


Use Re-marketing To Your Benefit


Did you realize that 75% of internet hotel reservations are abandoned? That’s correct, three out of every four people begin the booking process, become sidetracked, and quit their experience. Nobody knows if it was the food delivery man or a nagging feeling that they might get a better price somewhere else. Whatever the cause, you should not give up your job as a hotel marketer.

Remarketing is one of the important marketing strategies for the hotel industry since travelers are distracted not just by ordinary distractions (such as pop-up phone alerts and wailing kids), but also by the truth that there are plenty of alternative options available to them.


Find and Target Specific Audience


What kind of hotel are you promoting, and who is your average customer? Property marketers in different locations must use a distinct technique. These individuals schedule differently, travel differently, and have varying budgets. That is why techniques like income targeting will be useful. While this may seem apparent, there are other techniques to segment your customers while marketing your hotel.

The digital marketing plan for your hotel must keep your target audience in mind.

Many hotels have a diverse range of guests with varying income levels since they provide both more opulent rooms (such as presidential suites) and more affordable accommodations. These two audiences must be separated and targeted individually. Even within the same hotel chain, there is a distinction.


Spend More On Marketing During The Booking Season


Peak booking seasons will be highly varied for each hotel. As a hotel marketer, you’re probably well aware of your peak booking season, but you could be a step back when it regards to ad budgets. It only makes sense to invest a larger portion of your yearly budget during your busiest season.

Determine when operations are busy, stable, and sluggish, and then make adjustments to your  marketing strategies for your hotel appropriately. Check that your windows are not too small. This frequently necessitates forward preparation, but Google and other ad networks make it quite simple to alter your budget continuously. But make sure you do it!


Run Ad Campaigns And Offers!


Your hotel must have a compelling reason for prospects to select it above the competition.

If there are no apparent reasons, such as having the lowest pricing or the top ratings, come up with some unique perks and offers that you may present to prospects. For example, you may give a 15% discount to all first-time guests. Incentives are also wonderful for instilling a feeling of urgency in your customers, encouraging them to book you before they lose out on a unique limited-time deal.

Hospitality professionals might find it difficult, however, to fully devote their time to devise a marketing strategy in the hotel industry, do customer research, and targeting, as well as run Social Media and SEO. But don’t worry, we’ve got you.

HavStrategy is a leding provider of Digital Marketing Services for the Hospitality Sector, currently running over 10 different campaigns for Hotels and Clubs of various sizes. Our vast and varied experience in this fields helps us to understand what type of a Marketing Strategy does a hotel need, and the wants and choices of the customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get Marketing!


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How to use Social Media in 2022 to generate leads for your Hospitality Business!

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How to use Social Media in 2022 to generate leads for your Hospitality Business! (with steps)

The majority of hoteliers struggle with getting their company online. If you are also having this difficulty, social networking may be your best option. According to the most recent survey results, there are 3.78 billion social media users globally.


As a result, your target demographic is almost certainly reading internet evaluations about your company. Social networking is a popular resource for travelers looking for ideas for their next vacation spot. This is why hotel operators must be present where their target customer is. You might be wondering about how to generate leads on social media for hotels. Social Media Marketing for hotels is an important component of lead and sales generation on Social Media.


Social media platforms may help you achieve a variety of business goals, from raising brand recognition to building your firm’s identity. Direct bookings are encouraged by precisely targeting your audience to develop a relationship and promote organic interactions.

How can hotels use social media?

In recent years, the effect of social media marketing for hotels has multiplied. Let us now help you with a set of steps you may take to enhance the income of your business using the influence of social media.


1. Use The Right Hotel Social Media Strategy


Concentrate your attention on your target audience and increase engagement on the channels where they are. Learn about their digital habits and spend your money wisely. There are two components to this: first, identify the type of audience or potential consumer who is enthusiastic about your offers. Second, address the audience that exhibits favorable purchasing behavior toward your brand.


2.Manage Your Resources


You should ask yourself: how do I generate leads on social media for my hotel? Managing various social media channels entails a variety of responsibilities such as providing material, replying to questions or comments, and so on. This necessitates extensive planning and the effective utilization of labor, skill sets, finance, and so on. Nevertheless, social media promotion in the hotel business involves more than merely posting regularly.

It is motivated by a set of well-defined objectives. Establishing your channels takes time and multiple revisions before a basic design can emerge. Aside from resources, you’ll need to come up with concepts that your target audience would love. The most critical aspect of any social media strategy is to spend some time studying channels.


3. Create Material That Corresponds To The Purchasing Cycle


Social media marketing for hotels is fundamentally centered on increasing awareness of your company at each stage of the buyer’s purchasing process. The concepts of addressing consumers at each stage of the purchasing cycle remain unchanged. Your connection with your consumer does not end once they make a purchase; rather, it begins there.

As a result, you must aim to keep them consistently engaged by sending out polls, updates, and opinions at regular intervals, as a part of your hotel social media strategy.


4. Keep Content Quality Your Number One Priority


An average adult spends at least a couple hours daily on social media in 2022. Because your audience spends so much of their day online, you must guarantee that your material is deserving of their attention. Because of its socializing and shareability, content is what propels your social media presence. Today’s social media users are astute, and the quality of your material must reflect this, pushing them to become your clients. You don’t want to risk poor engagement with substandard material.


5. Encourage Purchases

The ultimate goal of every marketing effort is to increase sales. Social networking is an excellent technique to encourage customers to buy without being too pushy. It is your obligation to make it as simple as possible for consumers to not only interact with your material on social media but also to purchase if they so choose. Aside from boosting traffic, facilitating purchases on social media networks creates a seamless purchasing experience.


6. Improve Brand Awareness


When done correctly, managing Social media marketing for hotels  has the distinct advantage of developing and fostering a community centered on your company’s expertise. Having a dedicated social media following allows you to communicate with your audience via discussion boards, forums, and so on.

It is also an excellent opportunity to stay current with industry trends. A community, in addition to brand awareness, is a platform for sharing useful insights about your business and collecting social proof.


7. Lead Generation


In order to generate leads, you must pay particular attention to integrating the current capabilities of your various hotel social media strategy, with effective CTA (calls-to-action). Create lead capture landing pages based on your campaigns to further tailor the experience. It is also critical to carefully craft your social media descriptions. Give new visitors a taste of your company’s unique selling characteristics, and more significantly, explain what you offer and your identity. A simple link to your website might help you receive greater exposure.




It doesn’t matter if you are a budget-friendly hotel with affordable housing, or a five-star resort in the Hills, it is extremely important to market your brand in a unique voice across the internet, through a unique  hotel social media strategy.

HavStrategy helps you carefully plan your social media marketing for hotels with regular updates on trends. 

At HavStrategy, we solely concentrate on achieving the success of YOUR brand. We provide a variety of social media marketing services for hotels, such as:

  • Social Media Management for Hotels
  • Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Along with…

  • Email Marketing for Hotels
  • SEO Services for Hotels
  • Growth hacking for Hotels
  • Digital Marketing for Hotels
  • SEM Services for Hotels

So, are you ready to rank your Hotel on the #1 spot? Let’s start today!


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9 SEO strategies for Real Estate businesses

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9 SEO Strategies For Real Estate Businesses

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for Real Estate Firms in today’s age.

But, how do brokers and real estate brands leverage content to rank? What are their SEO best practices, and how may you implement them on your website to increase your dominance?

SEO strategies for Real Estate are challenging and require the optimal fusion of great content and local SEO. To help you rank on Google, we have compiled a list of the best Real Estate SEO strategies for you:

But, how do brokers and real estate brands leverage content to rank? What are their SEO best practices, and how may you implement them on your website to increase your dominance?

SEO strategies for Real Estate are challenging and require the optimal fusion of great content and local SEO. To help you rank on Google, we have compiled a list of the best Real Estate SEO strategies for you.


 1. Produce high-quality content for users and search engines


One of the most important ranking variables is the level of your content. Even if your website is SEO-optimized, it won’t rank if the content isn’t worthwhile. Google prefers material that fully responds to search queries. According to studies, richer content is valued more highly than brief content.

The next step in your Real Estate SEO strategy, is to add value to your material. Respond to the searcher’s inquiry.


2. Create backlinks to your website for real estate


When another website links to your website, that is a backlink. It resembles receiving a recommendation from another website. Google, at least, believes it to be so. Google makes use of these metrics to determine which pages are deserving of a top-ten position. A page has a higher chance of ranking well in search results the more “quality” backlinks it receives. Therefore, it is an important part of all SEO strategies for Real Estate.


3. Create Interesting, Original Content


A fantastic technique to establish a relationship with Google’s algorithm is to have a Real Estate SEO strategy that frequently produces original material and refreshes that content every six months or a year. Google favours original material that is frequently updated since it shows that somebody put a lot of effort into the piece and is thus more inclined to rank it.


4. Mobile-optimized real estate website


In the modern era, your website needs to be mobile-optimized if you want to rank in Google. When someone views your website on a smartphone or tablet, mobile optimization implies that your website automatically adjusts to fit the size of the device’s screen. Mobile optimization, thus, is vital for SEO strategies for Real Estate.


5. Verify That Your Pages Can Be Fully Crawled


Google reads, tests, and ranks web pages using bots. Bots crawl (analyze and go through) to categorize and rank it under a keyword or topic. Google won’t rank a website if its pages are hard to read or completely impossible to crawl. A good Real Estate SEO strategy should involve making Pages crawlable.


6. Page-loading time


Simply said, your website will rank higher the quicker it loads. Milliseconds are important.

There are many various techniques to speed up the loading of your page. You may speed up your website by lowering the number of redirects, compressing picture assets, and cleaning up clumsy code.


7. Employ SEO with real estate keywords


An indispensable part of any competent Real Estate SEO strategy is using high-traffic keywords. If the page you want to promote in Google doesn’t target a particular local search phrase, you’re generally not likely to rank.

The truth is that you must inform Google of the search term you want to rank for. Additionally, the more precise you are, the more likely it is that you will be on page one.

Keep in mind that Google can only determine the topic of your page by reading the text on the page. The title, subheadings, and even the body of your page’s text should all precisely match the keyword term you’re aiming to rank for.


8. Matching Search Intent


All SEO strategies for Real Estate must focus on targeting particular keyword phrases.

One should themselves questions, such as:

  • Why do users search for this?” 
  • What,  is the searcher’s purpose? 
  • Are they seeking free counsel, a business that will purchase their property quickly for cash, or discover the home of their dreams, or are they just looking for free advice?

You may create content to rank after you understand the rationale behind someone’s search for a certain term.


9. Domain Strength


Your domain strength will increase as you build more backlinks to your website, produce more informative content, and gain Google’s trust. It goes by several names depending on the tool. Some refer to it as Domain Authority, whereas others refer to it as Domain Rating. On a scale of 1 to 100, it simply rates the SEO authority of your domain; the higher the number, the better.

To sum up,

It’s essential to understand how search engines operate and the criteria they use to rank content while producing content for a real estate firm. Your Real Estate SEO strategy must include all these tips and tricks to help you rank high on Google!

Your Real Estate SEO strategy should demonstrate your commitment to your community and be prepared to create an incredible impression on your potential clients.

Do you think all of this is too much work? We agree.

At HavStrategy, we solely concentrate on achieving the success of YOUR brand. We provide a variety of real estate marketing techniques, such as:

  • Email Marketing for real estate
  • SEO strategies for Real Estate
  • Social Media Administration for real estate
  • Growth hacking for real estate
  • Digital Marketing for real estate
  • SEM for real estate

What are you still waiting for? Let’s Get marketing, then!


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Social Media Marketing For Real Estate 

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How To Use Social Media Effectively To Generate Leads For Real Estate Business

How Does SEO Strategy Work?

Purchasing a property is increasingly becoming an online activity. If you work in real estate, you probably know this.

According to a recent report, social media marketing for real estate has become an essential component in attracting real estate customers and closing sales. Competitors are closing the gap and using Social Media to attract more and more people towards them.

Social media marketing for real estate has surpassed other digital marketing tactics like email marketing, blog entries, and website visits as one of the most successful and fastest ways to generate high-quality real estate leads.

Social media marketing for real estate is currently used by more than 77% of agents for marketing and lead generating. When it comes to increasing the visibility of your real estate firm online, it’s all about extracting as much value as you can from the digital touchpoints shared by you, your clients, and potential consumers.

Why should you make use of social media in real estate?

Purchasing a house can be one of the most significant and stressful events in a person’s life. It’s hard for purchasers to figure out what’s a decent bargain, let alone the stress over a substantial amount of cash and signing a formal contract.

Because home purchases are emotionally charged, purchasers want someone they can rely on to help them through the arduous process. And, because a lot of real estate research and purchasing takes place online these days, your social media marketing for real estate should be:

  • Trustworthy
  • Spam-Free
  • Legitimate

The authentic, personable, and no-nonsense online brand of your organization can be critical to your success on social media platforms. These characteristics represent how you interact with your clients.

In addition to a welcoming tone, your brand’s social media account can share case studies and testimonials to acquire the audience’s confidence. 

How to Make Use of Social Media in Real Estate?

Your social media marketing for real estate must be more than simply words and positivity.  In order to connect with buyers and sellers, your presence on social networks must also be effective. If you only talk about your own brand and don’t address questions, you’ll irritate customers and destroy their hard-earned trust.



You can do this via Insta, Facebook, and TikTok, and one advantage of going live is that your videos can be stored and subsequently shared on your profile, serving as additional material.




Your real estate social media strategy should create a connection that leads to a professional partnership, all social media channels are excellent places to answer audience inquiries. 

Another advantage of answering questions openly is that your comments are visible to everyone. This can help qualified buyers contact you with inquiries further down the funnel.





All platforms are ideal for sharing client testimonials, allowing you to employ user-generated content to create legitimacy and trust with your target audience. A good real estate social media strategy does this.




Property images are essential for realtors to use on social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook. With a virtual or in-person tour, you can give customers a  glimpse of how the property is and urge them to contact you to learn more.


Most social networks are ideal for video since they provide your audience with an engaging opportunity to learn about various features. If they are still interested after seeing the video, they may ask for additional information by clicking on a Call-to-action button on your profile.

Consider your social media following on any platform to be your community. You must effectively use your real estate social media strategy to keep this community in order and maintain the members’ individual confidence. Respond to real inquiries and concerns regarding buying a house with helpful and truthful replies.

Don’t be afraid to inject some individuality while remaining professional. Making a powerful first impression is a vital initial step in the purchasing process. Clients are more likely to recall that initial coversation and return.

Keep in mind that you are selling more than simply a house

People in real estate have more than simply their ideal property in mind. Place matters, whether it’s a senior couple wanting to sell and move to the country, new parents searching for the finest public school district, or millennials looking for the location that best matches their social life and budget.

Social media provides an excellent platform for engaging, promoting and drawing attention to what is unique and appealing about a particular location. This contributes to the development of a feeling of community and promotes your company as a leader in the area.

Understand the demographics you want to attract with your present property portfolio and create material targeted toward these groups. Content planning tools, such as a Content Scheduler, make the actual publishing process a snap. To summarise, your real estate social media strategy should:

  • Assist in answering people’s questions
  • Make people want to buy a house.Assist in answering people’s questions
  • Make people want to buy a house.
  • Display your community involvement.
  • Include contact details for your company in the bio.

To summarise

Your real estate social media strategy should demonstrate your commitment to your community by sharing case studies and actively participating in what’s going on in the region and be prepared to create an incredible impression on your potential clients.

Do you think all of this is too much work? We agree.

At HavStrategy, we solely concentrate on achieving the success of YOUR brand. We provide a variety of real estate marketing techniques, such as:

  • Email Marketing for real estate
  • SEO for real estate
  • Social Media Administration for real estate
  • Growth hacking for real estate
  • Digital Marketing for real estate
  • SEM for real estate

What are you still waiting for? Let’s Get marketing, then!

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Marketing Strategy: Nykaa (Detailed Case Study)

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Marketing Strategy: Nykaa
(Detailed Case Study)

Nykaa YouTube Videos For Marketing

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Nykaa’s organic traffic is 6Million and ranking on 244.3k keywords in India.

And the organic traffic is started increasing from last two years.


Nykaa keywords ranking on Google


Nykaa ranking on top 3 position on Google for its main products keywords like hair color, lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, hair serum, highlighter, lip balm, hand wash etc….with many SERP features


nykaa keywords ranking on Google


Nykaa competitors like Myntra and stylecraze are ranking on more keywords than Nykaa.

So their organic traffic is more than the Nykaa.


Nykaa competitors

Content Marketing

Nykaa organized  the website in a very simplistic way

Want Makeup?

Toggle off to the Makeup section.

Any skin related product?

Any hair related product?

ohh need any appliance?

Looking for some natural ways to your beauty?

ohh you are a mom and need product for your baby?

Even Men have a separate section. Looks good. Isn’t it?

After the categories, you find the brand section. 

What if Nykaa’s user loves to purchase the products according to brands.

Nykaa has their own products and categories in NYKAA FASHION.



Blog & News

Ideas About Marketing


Marketing Strategy: Nykaa (Detailed Case Study)

Let’s now break down some of the marketing strategy of Naykaa  which we feel has definitely made the brand more marketable.

Nykaa has been serving wonderfully across the country since 2012.

It has an amazing set of product lines with genuine beauty goods. The brand owns over 3 lakh product variations spread across 1500 brands!

This is breathtaking right?

So how does Nykaa have got to do it all? It’s surely not an overnight journey and it takes a lot of work, dedication and foolproof strategies to make sure everything works in the long run.

Let’s now break down some of the marketing strategy of Nykaa which we feel has definitely made the brand more marketable.

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Nykaa Content Marketing Strategy-Nykaa Organized the brands in the website

Nykaa Content Marketing Strategy is insane.. 

….and one of the most important part of marketing funnel.

You will find each guide on each relevant topic…from hair dryer to lipstick shade…

Nykaa Sale On Big Fashion Brands


From vitamin C(for glowing skin) to ageless beauty….


Nykaa marketing strategy


Nykaa place their content piece in between the products.

You can see that in between the hair sprays… how well Nykaa help users to get hair sprays for Luscious locks.


Nykaa Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media

In this world of changing evolutions, it’s necessary to keep up with the competitors and social media a great platform to run ads and campaigns for the page.

Existing on social media platforms makes the brands and services more feasible and far reaching. Twitter, facebook, instagram and youtube are renowned places to create audience awareness and make them more comfortable with the services provided by the brands.

With more number of viewers and interactions, online engagement improves which makes the brand more likeable as well as the contents are circulated likewise.

Other Marketing Strategy Of Nykaa

#1 Deals On The Way


When your shopaholic friend can’t stop bragging about the amazing deals and offers revealed on the Nykaa site!

Looking good all the time is definitely a time consuming process and certainly not great for your pockets! But that doesn’t stop us from ordering everything WE DON’T NEED!

It’s just how we are right? We’ve all got expired lipsticks and liners which are as dry as summer.

Nykaa will cover you all the time. With loads of generous offers and coupons you will fall head over heels.

Providing enormous discounts have always been an extra mile that the online brands are willing to travel.


#2 Contest Alerts!


Nykaa also makes sure that you aren’t getting all bored and carried away with everyday boring work!

You can actually participate in their own featured contents, earn points and win great prizes.

There are many contests hosted by Nykaa brand to keep the activity alive and retain their customers. To make their experience more shareable and interesting.

It is surely a smartest way to make more connections and let people come over with joy and excitement. This will enhance their ideas and show off how creative people can be, it gives women the platform to showcase their talents with respect to beauty and self-confidence.

So why not do it?


#3 Girls Like To Swing!


No! We are not wearing that little-black-dress infront of our dads!

That’s so not cool. Well well well, no worries. Nykaa will get you dressed like a lost princess.

With a wide range of cool dresses, party outfits and your go-to ethnic vibe, you’ll be provided with lots and lots of options to choose from.

The bling, shimmer, sparkles! Just can’t get over it right?

Your wardrobe is going to look fab with some great styles which are definitely unique and made for you.

Starting with your lounge wear, work wear, professional styling, mid-night party outfits and for the Sanskari Nari in you. Nykaa has more to offer than beauty and wellness.

With all the wide reaching impacts, it has got the potential to make some awesome designs for you!


#4 Innovation


In order to keep yourself in the race, you have to innovate, bring more light and energy.

People get easily bored with routine styles and colours. It’s very important that you are always ready to bring in changes according to the tastes of consumers.

Especially in the beauty industry, trends and fashion change very rapidly and you must be well prepared to create new styles.

Nykaa constantly engages into more varieties of products. When it comes to lip decors, it has a huge collection of different colours so that the customers get different styles and more number of options.

It is quite difficult to keep changing the environment which changes so fast, but Nykaa does a great job by creating more shades, apparels, accessories.


#5 Nykaa Originals


With all that it has to offer relating to other established brands, Nykaa has its own beauty line as well.

It definitely has made a great impact on the overall sales of the entire services. The beauty line has a massive range of products which come off a great quality for buyers. 

They have created some great products with quite quirky names to make them more fancy. The quality and texture of the products also plays an important role in the main marketing.

Nykaa has boosted its game by introducing its own fashion line. People were instantly driven by this idea as it had already got itself a firm ground.

Being the best online retailer in the beauty brand selling genuine products. It has certainly kept everything in mind.


#6 Celebrity Crush


It’s very natural for us to buy the products which are specially endorsed by celebrities. We tend to go for such products as they enhance their beauty and usage.

Celebrities do have a card to play when it comes to attracting customers and marketing.

It has much affect over the buyers as it seems much branded and a fanciable item to purchase and flaunt.

If the same products are advertised by any other common person, the sales would have definitely dropped or considerably would have been less than what it is now.

With all the fame that comes along with celebrities it becomes easier for the brands to convince the people about how best quality is. Agree?


#7 Commercials


Advertising surely plays a major role in expansion of marketing results. This work comes really heavy as there are many modes to advertise your products. It is important for people to know your existence in order for them to come to you.

With a powerful commercial strategy it becomes easier for brands to reach out to customers and create active chains in the society. People always expect to be informed about new arrivals and any updates, so it’s very important to maximise the information.


#8 Nykaa Femina Beauty Awards


With its widespread community of great artists and professionals, it also has its wings with ramps and glamour.

Nykaa is also in partnership with Femina India which is a beauty runner for fashion shows. It does give the brand a lot of potential when it comes to sponsorship and huge advertisement.

With a professional tie-up as this one, Nykaa is benefitted from a lot more just ramp walks. This event is hosted every year to cherish the love for beauty and body confidence of various trends and body types.

It motivates many women to do more and feel more comfortable in their own skin. What better can they do for a woman?

This event is really intriguing with lots of charm and beauties to catch an eye for!

Final Thoughts On Marketing Strategy Of Nykaa


So  these are some amazing marketing strategy by Nykaa to compete in the market.

Now I would like to hear from you. Which Strategy you like the most?

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Digital Marketing Strategy Of Zomato

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Digital Marketing Strategy
of Zomato



Zomato know very well about the things that are more relatable to us….And that’s how Zomato targets us….

So let’s started amazing digital marketing strategy of Zomato

Digital Marketing Strategy Of Zomato

The digital marketing funnel of Zomato is very strong.

Once you visit Zomato’s website, then ready for taking advertisements on different platforms. 

So let’s started the SEO first…

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Zomato ranks on top position in main keywords like “order online food”, “order pizza online” etc..

See some data of Zomato. You will get to know how powerful their SEO Strategy is….

Zomato generates 20.5 M organic traffic per month only from India. 

So you can imagine how much Zomato is investing in Search Engine Optimization.


Zomato organic traffic


Zomato starts to ranking in top 3 position of SERP(Search Engine Results Page) from December 2019.


Zomato keywords ranking are increasing


Zomato is ranking on number 1 position on the main keyword “restaurants near me”, “food near me”, “bars near me”, “cafe near me”, “vegetarian restaurants”.

Zomato ranking on other main keywords like “wine shop near me”, “coffee near me”, “cheap restaurants” on top 3 positions.


Zomato keywords ranking on Google first page


Zomato ranks on more keywords as compare to other competitors like swiggy, dineout etc.

So Zomato also competes in organic search traffic.


Zomato competes in terms of seo

Social Media Content

The expansion rate of Zomato through social media is extremely commendable. They put on really interesting templates, notes, tweets, graphics and comics. Some of them are shown at the end of this point.

With their diverse reach to the consumers, they have more power over the people to manage and retain the interests.

The way Zomato show themselves on social media is everything. Presentation matters. How you design is massively important.

The colors, banners, logo, combinations, symbols, lines and charts, everything adds up to the view.

Zomato has its official accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You all are free to share and message them, which makes people easy to connect and feel more personal. Social media is now sky rocketing with its benefits and far reaching impact.

The content Zomato creates on social media is very engaging. Zomato always follow the trends and sometimes, it creates their own trend. 

Zomato works hard on customer persona, knows very well about their customers.

Zomato always brings the content which is more relatable, sharable and memeable 🙂

You can’t be able to control yourself to share the content. 

Here are some glimpse-



Social Media Marketing

Zomato targets the young people who use smartphone and buy things online. 

So marketing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is a common thing for Zomato…

because adult spend the most of time on social media.

Here are some images of  Zomato advertisement on Facebook/Instagram

Zomato instagram marketing
Zomato facebook Advertising


Advertising ….. here comes the most important part of selling any items. Whether online or offline, marketing and advertising play the most important role.

You might be selling really good products, you might be having great quality but what if no one knows about it at all? Well, that sounds scary.

People need to know your existence. If they participate or not, that is secondary.

Zomato is never at the last in this race. Zomato pays heavily for sponsorship and digital marketing so that people are aware of its whereabouts each and everyday.

The application which they have created for handy uses, it gives out every information needed so that people are very well acknowledged with their system.

Any media, platform, services, good distribution is incomplete without proper advertising.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second most popular search engine. 

And leaving YouTube for the competitors, its not a Zomato’s choice 🙂

Here are some examples of video marketing done strategically by Zomato…

First check video and then observe….


The above video very strategically shows that how Zomato helps in bettering their working weekend, birthdays, rainy season, house party, movies and at last, laziness…

This video is trying to cover all the aspects of life… birthdays, festivals, boringness, happiness, life part(bachelorhood), movies, rainy(seasons), laziness(the thing which we all do)

It ultimately shows that your life is getting better with Zomato. So always choose Zomato for every reason and season.

Check the next one..



This video shows that how we always control our willingness, especially for food.

Video choose bachelor party because Zomato is targeting to the age of 18 to 30. Those who have smartphones and buy their food online.

So that they can relate them.

This video is going to increase their sales. And I am 100% sure(without checking the data and facts)

You want to know the reason?

This video is directly/indirectly showing to not control our willing. So whenever we get confused about to order food or not. We always going to order(because this video will click in your mind to show the bottom line- mat kar iccha control)

Amazing na? Check next one…



This video shows the four messages(direct/indirect)-

  1. How we get bored by daily eating same food
  2. How you can also do the same thing by making excuse of Rohan’s mom.
  3. How Zomato is taking care of safety of food during this pandemic(direct message)
  4. How mom starts to love the Zomato food and encourages him to order two times in a week.

Check the next one… 

If you are a woman, you would love it 🙂



The message of this video is “Cooking is a woman’s choice, not her duty” on the Women’s day.

Society always criticize the women who don’t cook, but they never notice that what women are doing instead of cooking?

Women are taking care of other’s lives, they are shaping the next generation, they are breaking the world’s record.

Zomato shows in video that women who are fulfilling their dreams and don’t cook, Zomato is always available for them.

So this is how Zomato is targeting the professional women.

Zomato's Best Marketing Strategy




#1.Zomato Rider Relief Fund


Zomato aimed to raise 10 crores for their riders so that their riders can meet their basic need during the pandemic.

Zomato very well describes in the article that why they can’t be able to take care of their riders.

This initiative shows that how much Zomato cares about their riders.

And this thing makes them outstand.

Zomato not only care about their customers, also care about their employees. They know that pandemic is going to affect their business badly and they are not able to provide work to their riders.


#2. Feed The Daily Wagers


From 24th March 2020(when lockdown started in India) to 31st July 2020, Zomato distributed the 7.8 Cr+ meals, 7.4+ lakhs kits(10kg flour and 2kg pulses) in 181 cities.

Zomato even care about the daily wagers.


#3.  Period Leaves


During periods, women go through emotional and physical pain….

And they always have to make excuses like “feeling uneasy”, “feeling unwell” etc..

So instead of saying these excuses, they are able to say-“I need menstural leave”

This initiative also depicts that Zomato cares about their health.

Zomato Other Marketing Strategy



One of the major foundations relating to food business is understanding the consumer behavior and patterns.

Processed foods constitute a vital part of consumer’s interests.

Online food delivery applications target the mainstream consumers preferably attracting people who are more prone to the usage of their services.

Zomato even  creates content for the social media according to the consumer pattern. The content is so engaging that other brands also love to share and reframe the content for their own marketing purpose.




People are more likely to spend on the services provided when they are heaped with a good number of offers and discounts. 

Especially in the food industries people are most aware of what they eat and how much they pay for it accordingly. And Zomato knows that.

Food chains generally collaborate with other brands and promote their products through discounts.

This creates a certain mindset within communities of people and makes them spend more. There are various strategies applied when it comes to discounting products and distributing them.




A person who earns below the range per month cannot certainly afford to buy 450rs burger every weekend or buy tickets at PVR Gold for 1000rs.

Budget plays a very important role when it comes to marketing. You are less likely to find Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda or any other online food services in less developed cities and regions, the reason being the economic status of people living over there.

Limited amount of investments and employment rates, it becomes highly important for them to choose the right place and right people to offer.




Home delivery can be really relaxing, you are getting everything you want at your doorstep. But why do people prefer this?

You may be an employee, student, housewife or entrepreneur who wants to have a chilled out weekend, no mood to cook!

So, what are you going to do? Open Zomato. Right?

The main idea is derived to make people have comfortable meals wherever they are.

You no longer need to worry about what you should wear! how to find a taxi! Anything. Everything comes with just a tap. Understanding this phenomenon has what made this brand so dynamic and widespread.

We all might have thought about this years ago, but Zomato has actually picked up its pen.



Rita, a tamilian lady would not really like to have Chole Bhature on the table for breakfast whereas Raj, a Bengali guy would not want to see Dosa and Sambar.

And Zomato knows very well what their customers taste preference…..

This is the key to organise what is actually needed. Restaurants in the Southern region might actually be selling good North Indian dishes but Rita will definitely go to a nearest cafe where she gets idly.

Zomato offers accordingly so that people do not sacrifice their own taste in any way.

If you ever get a chance to explore the app you can see the difference between the prices of your nearest stalls and that of some other region.




Hurray! Midnight cravings?

Dont care. Zomato is here.

This chain offers 24 hours of services throughout the country. If you are lucky enough, Zomato provides you extra discounts during lunch hours to attract more consumers from work stations and youngsters.

Everything needs to be at a proper time and Zomato knows it all!.

You will be able to get a great number of offers and linked discounts to footwear, apparel and accessories during Diwali and other celebrated festivals.

Why do you think they do that? To earn money right? Ummm.. maybe.

But the most important thing is to expand and bring more new consumers. This will not only ensure that they get more consumers but also active application users. Intelligent right?




Everything looks great from far!

But as you get closer you start noticing the issues. Let’s not bother about that as well.

Customer support is a panel where you can share any discrepancies or troubles which have caused regarding payments or content problems.

Zomato offers good guiding consumer support so that you are taken through the problem. This part of any type of industry is very important. People appreciate when they are let to discuss the problems with lesser strains.

Zomato also loves to solve problems through reply on negative comments. 


Wrapping Up On Marketing Strategy Of Zomato

I covered all the digital marketing strategy of Zomato.

Now it’s your turn.

What do you think about Zomato marketing strategy?

Or you’ve got better strategies?

Let us know!

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Marketing Strategy For Edtech Startups

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Marketing Strategy For
Edtech Startups

In today’s world, everything is online, studies are no exception. There are numerous ed-tech startups who want to gain some space in education market.

But many startups failed. One of the main reason is Marketing. They can’t able to reach their potential customers or they can’t be able to generate need for their product.

So we have shared the best marketing strategies for edtech startups. Let’s dive in:


#1 Unique Selling Proposition(USP)

To compete in this highly competitive world, you should have something valuable ie your Unique Selling Proposition(USP) in your business that makes you stand out from the competitors. 

Your USP should be highlighted in your website. It can be easily viewed by the visitor within 5-10 seconds(because attention span of human is 8 seconds. Your customers want to know what you can do for them that no one else can do.

Example – Geekster

Geekster is an ed-tech startup (niche on full stack web engineer) provides programming courses.

USP of geekster is that they provide guaranteed job instead of certificates.

The Geekster provides 1:1 career coaching, mock interviews and makes you ready for your dream job.

Your USP helps you to beat your all competitors and make your brand superior to others.

So What is your USP?

If you don’t have your USP, then think hard.

Think about your customer and ask yourself “What they want?”

“Are certificates enough for them?”

Or do they want job guarantee or they want 1:1 live session or 24*7 live support?

After getting the answer, make that your USP.

The more you know your customers, the better your marketing strategy be.

#2 Customer Buyer Journey

In ed-tech startups, the customer buyer journey is different from the others. 

Even Foreign language ed-tech startups have different customer journeys than academic related startups.

So research about your customers. Know their pain points, challenges, wants, needs and  goals. Create a buyer persona so that you can better target your potential customers.

Collaborate with your team members to determine the customer journey and buyer persona. The members who highly managed and contacted the customers give you correct data.

You can also create by taking feedback from the existing customers.

Knowing your customers helps you to build a good relationship with them and retain them for a long period.

Don’t confuse the end buyer user with your targeted audience.

Let’s say you have an ed-tech startup providing education for K12 students. So who will be your end consumer(users)?

Students(age 5-16 years)

Who will be your targeted audience(buyers)?

Yes, parents(decision makers)

Always focus on your end consumers. If they are happy after using your product/service, they will become your brand advocate and you can expect referrals from them. 

#3 Know Your Competitors

It is very crucial to know what strategy your competitors are using to reach their customers. How they are utilizing the digital platforms. Are they collaborating with others or approaching to influencers? 

If they are using digital platforms, then social media marketing they are utilizing mostly or through SERP search engine optimization?

If they are doing Search Engine Optimization, then 

  • Which keywords they are ranking on?
  • How much are they generating the traffic?
  • How are they promoting themselves on a website?
  • How are they making their marketing funnel stronger?
  • How long they take to convert the visitors into customers?
  • How they are targeting their audience?

After checking your competitor’s strong and weak marketing strategy points, think about

  • Their strongest point. Can you beat on that platform?
  • Is there any platform they are not using but have good potential?

These are the basic questions to know about your competitors. It doesn’t mean that you have to copy their ideas or marketing strategy.

It means you should know the potential platforms where your audience can target easily. You get the basic idea how they are working.

Now its your turn to beat them. The things working for them may or may not work for you.

You have to test and analyze the different content, content format, keywords, platforms etc.

You have to keep your eyes on data and metrics to analyze.

#4 Digital Marketing Funnel

Now you have done with customer buyer journey. 

Customer buyer journey directly helps you to build a strong marketing funnel. If you know that where your customers ask for information, then you can be able to provide information on their suitable platform.

If your customers need more information related to your product and they go for YouTube, and if you have no content on YouTube, then your competitors can easily convert them into customers.

So that’s how you need customer journey for marketing funnel.

digital marketing funnel

But what is digital marketing funnel?

Digital Marketing funnel is a collection of  stages of customer’s buyer journey (from awareness to conversion).

It is used to build different strategies for different stages to capture all the customers from all the stages.

These stages are Top of the funnel, Middle of the funnel and Bottom of the funnel

-Top of the funnel is for Awareness.

-Middle of the funnel is for Consideration.

-Bottom of the funnel is for Conversion.

If you don’t know how to create a digital marketing funnel, then check this article: Digital Marketing Funnel- Know How To Convert Visitors Into Customers.

Note : Always always and always create your marketing funnel by proper market research.

#5 Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy for edtech contains the Content Marketing, Video Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

    Build your own content marketing strategy.     
    First set some achievable goals and objectives. Set timelines for goals. Your goal can be traffic, sales, conversion, SEO success or reduce marketing cost.
    After setting the goal and timelines, set some Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) to measure your results and achievements.
    Research about your target audience. Use the buyer persona and customer buyer journey to know about the audience.
    Do keyword research and competitor analysis with the help of Semrush. Select the content format. Always consider SEO and video marketing in your marketing strategy. 

    Assess your own website. Check the ranking of your webpages. Make a plan for applying On page SEO and copywriting techniques to your already published articles so that they can rank on SERP.

    Create new content according to search intent and keyword research.

    You can easily get free organic traffic from the Search Engine Result page(SERP) with the help of SEO. You can turn your traffic into customers by Email marketing and retargeting.


    Video marketing plays a big role in marketing, the education industry is no exception…And YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

    Students, teachers, and parents mostly learn from theYouTube. 

    So by providing the content on YouTube, you can target directly to your audience.


    Social Media Marketing is very important for ed-tech startups to create brand awareness and engage with potential customers. But you have to set your goals, target audience, post content before starting social media. Choose the right social media platform. It saves your time, money and resources. 

    From social media, try to take the audience(followers) to your website and then try to land them on top of the funnel…. And then convert them into customers.

    You can also retarget your audience who visited your website by adding pixels on your website


    Email Marketing helps you to be personalized with the visitors(who are unknown) and send regular newsletter to them so that they can visit your website again.

    Email marketing is used to build trust and authenticity with the visitors and make them in your funnel. 

    These visitors are highly valuable because they are the one who have a high interest in your product or service.

    This email list also helps you in targeting facebook advertising as a custom and lookalike audience.

    So build your email list and make your visitors closer to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

So build your strategy for each platform. Measure and analyze the result. Learn from the result and Implement again..

It is a time consuming process but worth it. If you don’t have enough time to make a content strategy or work on marketing, then contact our team. We would like to provide you free consultation.

#6 Approach to Influencers

Influencers marketing are now at the booming stage. 

For your edtech startup, you can approach the “Education Social Media Influencers” who can advertise your brand and connect your brand to the students, parents, teachers or educators. 

These influencers create brand advocacy for your product or service which can easily influence your targeted audience. 

If you want to target a new audience, increase your social media followers and engagement or increase brand awareness, then these influencers can easily help you to reach your goals. 

Your ultimate goal should not be the sales of your product or service. Clearly define your goal and then approach the influencers.

The words about your brand should look authentic.

You can also create affiliate or partnership program with other brands.

Like Domino’s pizza have partnership with the beverage brand Coca-cola.

Travel industry has partnership with hotels, and airlines.

So in ed-tech domain, you can make partnership with schools, colleges, career coaches/counselor/consultant.

#7 Always Always Look After Your Existing Customers

There is no point in looking for new customers, if your existing customers are not happy.

Look your existing customers. Take feedback regularly. If there is any issue in your product or service, resolve them as soon as possible.

Provide the best service to your customers.

Make retention plan for them

If your existing customers are happy, then they provide themselves new customers by referrals and advocacy.

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Digital Marketing Funnel [How To Turn Searchers Into Customers]

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Digital Marketing Funnel
[How To Turn Searchers Into Customers]

Marketing funnel is a system designed to attract the target audience(your potential customers) and convert into paid customers by capturing the prospect’s inquiry, need  so that prospect can build trust on your brand. 

Digital Marketing Funnel depicts the customer buyer’s  journey – discovering a problem, looking for a solution, comparison between solutions and finally purchasing the solution.

Marketing Funnel helps in converting the searchers into customers. It also helps in improving the conversion rate.

It is funnel shaped because people tend to filter out at each stage of the funnel. And it’s okay, every business runs like this. 

And it should be run like this because you must focus only on your customers who are actually gonna buy. So they are the one who filter out at the bottom of the funnel

They would be few but valuable.


The top stage of the funnel is always larger than the bottom of the funnel.

It means if 1000 people become aware of your brand. Only 50-60 people are going to purchase your product(number depend on many factors*)

 And it is not necessary that  your prospects find you at the top of the funnel. They can find you even at the bottom of the funnel(at the buying stage). So you have to create content according to that.

Why Digital Marketing Funnel Is Important?

In traditional marketing, you broadcast your product to the mass market without knowing their interest and  tracking of ROI.

So you are wasting your time, resources, money etc to those people who are not even thinking about your product. 

But in digital marketing, you can target only those who have interest in your product or service.

Plus you can track your marketing performance by setting some KPIs and evaluating data. You can easily  improve performance according to data.



Digital Marketing Funnel helps you to build strategies and tactics to target only potential customers and improve your conversion rate by analyzing and measuring the data metrics.

So In Marketing Funnel, you have to target your segmentation. Very few people from segmentation are going to buy your product/ service…..

But how are you going to find these valuable people(ie your customer) ?

Yes by the help of the Buyer persona.


Buyer persona is a semi-fictional character of your potential customer. Information like their goals, pain points, challenges, industry etc should be written on buyer persona.

You have to create Buyer Persona by the help of market research(if your business is new) or by the help of your customer’s data(for old businesses). You have to know your customer’s interest, need and pain point.  

With the help of Buyer Persona, you have to make a plan for your content marketing strategy.


Marketing Funnel also helps you to target your prospects, no matter what phase they are in their buying journey. If they are looking for some information, you should be the one who provides information. 

If they are in a buying mood, you are the one who fulfill their needs.

You can create content according to the customer’s buyer journey (i.e. stages of the marketing funnel) so that they can easily convert into customers.

With the help of funnel, you can find the reason why prospect/visitor is not converting by the help of data and metrics….

And adjust the content strategy…(in detail in the article)


Our mission as a marketer is to make a marketing funnel stronger and increase conversion rate by always appearing in front of the customers whenever they search and need.

Why Customer Buyer Journey Is Important In Digital Marketing Funnel?

Think of yourself as a customer. Do you purchase at a single time when you search the product?

Or do you research about the product and check all the brand alternatives?

Or do you check the reviews of the products before buying the product or service?

Yes … You do all the search related to product, check reviews on forums, ask friend, take recommendation etc.

Same thing done by Rakesh who wants to purchase the hosting service. These are the steps he majorly takes from beginning to the end of the purchasing the product :

  • Check the article “best hosting provider in India” and get 7 recommended hosting provider(but still he needs the best one)
  • Check all provider’s prices and details.
  • Check the YouTube videos for more details.
  • Ask friends for the help and they suggest 3-4 hosting providers.
  • He goes for reviews on quora and gets puzzles.
  • Open facebook and get the advertisement of one of the hosting providers(due to fb pixel)
  • Click the advertisement and reach to their webpage
  • And finally purchase the hosting.

How digital marketing funnel takes play the role in customer buyer’s journey

  • Check the article “best hosting provider in India” and get 7 recommended hosting provider(but still he needs the best one) – Content Marketing
  • Check all provider’s prices and details.-  Content Marketing
  • Check YouTube videos for more details – Video Marketing
  • Ask friends for the help and they suggest 3-4 hosting providers. – Referral
  • He goes for reviews on Quora and gets puzzles. – Content on Forums
  • Open Facebook and get the advertisement of one of the hosting providers(due to fb pixel) – Facebook Advertising
  • Click the advertisement and reach to their webpage – Landing page
  • And finally purchase the hosting. –Conversion Done(Last stage of Funnel)

So it is necessary to have a customer’s buyer journey so that you can be available on different platforms to meet the customer’s inquiry or requirement. 

If you are unaware that your customers may not have technical knowledge related to your product or service, then you think video marketing is time or resource wasting.

So Know your customers, know their journey and convert them into customers.

Stages Of Digital Marketing Funnel

There are mainly three stages in the marketing funnel.

Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

These stages are from top to bottom of the funnel.

*Top Of The Funnel(Awareness) – Can’t define the problem(less technical words, question format)

*Middle Of The Funnel(Consideration) – Researching different solutions(technical words, branded words)

*Bottom Of The Funnel(Conversion)- Final purchase(words contain ”buy”,”online”)

But the number of stages depends on your product or service. If you are in the solar business, there are more than three stages because it is costly and the prospect needs extra time and trust to purchase from you.

digital marketing funnel

Example of searches according to the stages of funnel(take the same example of Rakesh who need hosting service)…..

Top Of The Funnel (less technical word is used)

  • “Which web hosting is best for small business”
  • “Which web hosting is best in India”
  • “Which web hosting is best for beginners”

Middle Of The Funnel (branded words)

  • “A2 web hosting vs Greengeeks web hosting”
  • “Siteground web hosting reviews”
  • “Web hosting comparison”

Bottom Of The Funnel (purchasing words)

  • “Hostinger hosting buy”
  • “Buy web hosting GoDaddy”

Top and middle funnel are for prospecting while middle and bottom of the funnel are for capture and nurture leads.


#1 Awareness( Top Of The Funnel)


Main goal – Brand awareness

In this awareness stage, you have to create awareness about your product, service or brand among your target audience(potential customers) 


  • Try to get visitors familiar with your brand (Add your brand name in the content)
  • Try to create interest in visitors’ mind about your website (so that they want to revisit your website again and again in future).
  • Try to land potential customers in the conversion path.

You can create awareness of your brand by

  • Creating content for social media(where your target audience spend most of their times)
  • Creating podcast(your potential customers want to listen you)
  • Creating videos (so that searchers can find you on YouTube)
  • Creating articles for Medium or press releases.
  • Creating articles for your website(so that your solution can show on google searches)
  • Creating opportunity for guest post
  • Creating advertisements on social media or forums
  • Creating content or answering problems on communities(facebook groups, slack)

Keywords– Informational keywords only. 

Content format– Articles, Social post, Videos etc.

The aim of this awareness stage is to fulfill the queries and hope the content will rank in the search engine result page so that searchers can find you.


#2 Consideration(Middle Of The Funnel)


Main goal –  Consider your product as highly valuable

In this consideration stage, you have to make your product/service considerable by your potential customers…

So that they will consider your product/service while comparing with others before final purchase. 


  • Try to make action by the customer.
  • Try to join a newsletter or email signup by the visitor.
  • Try to create need, urgency or scarcity of your product.

You can make your product considerable by:

  • Making comparison of your brands with others
  • Showing your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Providing special offers for a limited time.
  • Providing free trials of your product/service.
  • Positioning your product/service as best in customer’s mind.

Keywords-  Navigational keywords

Content format- Case studies, demo videos, product/service description

The aim of this consideration stage is to be in the option of your potential customer’s shortlist.


#3 Conversion(Bottom Of The Funnel)


Main goal – Conversion of prospects into customers.

In this conversion stage, you have to make a little persuading language and give a nudge for your product or service


  • Try to convert into customers by convincing them.
  • Try to convert prospects into customers by retargeting through Facebook or LinkedIn advertisements.

You can make conversion by:

  • Providing the positive reviews to your potential customers
  • Using emotional and persuasive words in your landing page
  • Providing case studies
  • Providing free consultation

Keywords– Transactional keywords

Content Format–  landing pages, reviews, case studies, testimonials(video or text form)

The aim of this conversion stage is to make a final purchase of your product/service

Note-  Content format and keywords will be differ in every stage of the marketing funnel. 

How To Create Digital Marketing Funnel? (Step By Step)

  1. Stages of funnel
    Create buyer persona. Evaluate your product/service customer buyer journey….
    And then find out how many stages do you need in your marketing funnel for your product or service.
  2.  Create Content Marketing Plan
    Decide the channels for the content creation. Research keywords according to the stages of the funnel.
    Classify the keywords into informational, navigational and transactional keywords.
    Create Content marketing strategy with your team.
    Do competitor analysis.
  3. Create content
    Create content according to the keywords for the different platforms(according to the customer buyer journey).
    Create highly valuable content, rank on the Google and beat the competitors.
  4. Install Facebook Pixels And LinkedIn Insight Tag
    Facebook pixels and LinkedIn Insight Tag are helpful to track the actions taken by the visitors on your website.
    They also helps in targeting and retargeting the audience in the Facebook and LinkedIn advertisement. 
  5. Email Marketing
    Email marketing helps you to give a personalized way to connect with your prospects at their comfortable time.
  6. Retargeting
    Retargeting by advertisement is the powerful way to capture the prospects who have interest in your product/service.
    It also helps to remind your prospects who was going to purchase the product but leave in midway.
  7. Retention Plan
    Make some retention plans for your old customers.
    Provide them full customer support. make them happy and satisfied so that they can do advocacy for your brand.

Make Sure Your Eyes On:

  • Data – Data, analytics and metrics. Check regularly. Set KPI to measure data in each stage of the funnel for better conversion.
  • Email opening ratio. If it is not good, check emails and find the reason and fix the issues.
  • Landing pages – If retargeting  is not going good or conversion ratio is low, then there is a problem in landing page.
  • Quereis- Check your branded queries on forums like  reddit, quora etc. Answer appropriately
  • Negative reviews– Check your negative reviews timely. Solve  their issues. Reviews can also help in getting  some innovative ideas.

Wrapping Up On Digital Marketing Funnel

Digital Marketing Funnel is the super powerful way to organize your plans for the customers who are at the different stage in their journey. 

So that’s how I prepare digital marketing funnel for business and startup. 

Now its your turn to make it happen and turn your visitors into customers.

Let me know your thoughts…

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